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Weekend Summer Roundup
We hope you’re having a spectacular summer so far! As the season zooms by, we want to make sure that you’re getting first pick of the most quintessential summer activities available in the Historic Triangle. Here’s what’s going on this weekend—enjoy! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Pancakes and Waffles and Omelets, Oh My!
We can probably all agree that there’s nothing better than a sensational food experience. And let’s be honest—family vacations are basically about bouncing from restaurant to restaurant (with enriching and exciting experiences in between, of course). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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6 Glorious Ways to Celebrate Nat'l Ice Cream Month
Hey. July is National Ice Cream Month. Since we’re writing from the Historic Triangle, here is a quick history on this heavenly holiday. Back in 1984, President Ronald Reagan noticed that over 90 percent of the population loved ice cream (big surprise). He decided to designate July as the month to honor this “fun and nutritious” treat. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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The Biggest Thrills in the Historic Triangle
Do you know what you could use more of? Fun. Between going to school, going to work, sports practices and games, the chaos of preparing dinner and getting everyone to bed on time (or way too late), families simply don’t spend enough quality time together. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling fun. In fact, in today’s world, it may be the only way we can make it happen!  We think making memories that stand out from the rest is super important in the summertime, so that’s why we’ve co ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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The Best Lunch Spots in the ‘Burg
Nothing quite works up the appetite like stepping back in time! Between sightseeing on carriage rides in Colonial Williamsburg (are you a carriage person or an ox wagon person?), stepping aboard recreated ships and visiting the authentic Powhatan village in Jamestown Settlement, and shopping in Merchants Square, you’ll need to replenish your energy somewhere. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Celebrate Independence Day in Williamsburg
If you’re planning to be in Williamsburg for July Fourth, you couldn’t pick a more appropriate vacation spot for this American holiday. The Historic Triangle—Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown—is the cornerstone of American history, not to mention a celebrated destination for families and friends looking for a place to make lifelong memories! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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A Guy’s Weekend in Williamsburg
We talk a lot here at King’s Creek Plantation about time spent with family, and for good reason! There’s nothing like creating memories with the people who are closest to you. But sometimes, the people who are closest to you are your friends! This post is dedicated to all the guys out there who deserve some bro time, because after all, the bedrock of any good friendship is hangin’ out, doin’ stuff. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Father’s Day Roundup
Plan an Unforgettable Day for Dad in Williamsburg! Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for experiences to fit his predilections and proclivities, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a roundup of family activities to suit every kind of dad! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Busch Gardens Summer Line-Up
Summer 2018 is about to begin, and we wanted to share what’s going on next door at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg! This park is about so much more than roller coaster rides! Check it out! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Celebrate Memorial Day!
This Memorial Day, the King’s Creek Plantation Owners Association invites owners and guests to join us for a Memorial Day pool party at the Townes pool on Saturday, May 26 from 1-3 p.m. The party will feature great music, pool games for all ages, prizes and surprises and fun for the whole family! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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