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Howl-O-Scream is back for eerie-sistible nights of fun!

Returning to Williamsburg’s Busch Gardens, Howl-O-Scream is back for eerie-sistible nights of fun and fright from now until October 31st. Whether you’re out for a night with your boo or looking to have fun with the ghouls, starting each night at 6:00 PM, dare to explore five all-new haunted houses, five terror-tories, four sinister shows, eerie experiences and nine spine-chilling night coasters. 

Check out the full schedule and more details here.

Families with little ghosts and goblins are advised to seek other frights and thrills after 6:00 PM, as this event contains amplified scares not recommended for children. For fun for the whole family, check out Busch Gardens’ Halloween Spooktacular.


Haunted Houses

Lost Mines: The Descent

Dare to seek out treasure in an underground gem mine rich with sparkling precious stones. Beware of the community of flesh-seeking, mutant inhabitants looking to feast on any trespassers. With mutant skin, dagger-like claws and boiling sores, only the bravest will make it past these vile creatures. 

Death Water Bayou: Full Moon

Follow the Voodoo Queen’s forbidding force deep into the Bayou as she seeks out her next victim. As spiteful spirits lurk at the water’s surface, watch as they pine for the souls of the living. This sinister swamp will have you scrapping to escape from being the next helpless sacrifice. 

Nevermore: Chapter 3

Visit this revamped telling of Poe’s Nevermore saga, featuring tortuous tales of only the worst nightmares. Where chilling prose meets dark realities, will your denouement be one of death or defeat? 

Witch of the Woods: Scorched

Travel far into the scorched forest of the Witch of the Woods, haunted by the deaths of villagers past and corrupted by a malicious mastermind. As her cackles and the caws of crows echo throughout the trees, even the fearless will be frightened to their core.

KILLarney DIEner: Infested

Dine in at this devilish diner, where tonight’s specials include a side of insidious insects and other creepy crawlers. As the jukebox plays a haunting mix of unsettling and eerie tunes, the looming exterminator’s visit will have you wondering if this vile meal will be your last.




Spreading from the Bayou, an evil energy has reached the streets, sure to turn this Mardi party into something sinister. 


Gorgon Gardens

Avert your eyes from the stone-cold stares of the serpent sisters, or else risk facing a cruel, everlasting eternity.


Scary Tale Road

Trade your dreams in for nightmares and your childhood heroes for villains as these fairy tales are taking a twisted turn.

Meat Market

Fresh meat! The denizens of this devious dwelling are serving up delectable delicatessen and gorging on human hors d’oeuvres.

Ripper Row

Murder and mayhem are rampant in the streets of this old English town; you never know what kind of trouble is waiting just around the corner.

Sinister Shows

Don’t miss four spirited productions that are said to be “worth dying for.” Guests can enjoy showtimes throughout the day and night in indoor theaters and in Ireland village. Listen to lively singers at Skeletons, join in on a spooky singing competition at Phantoms of the Festhaus, discover a disco dance celebration at Jack is Back, and reimagine Jack the Ripper like you’ve never seen before at Monster Stomp on Ripper Row.


Eerie Experiences

Howl-O-Scream is back for eerie-sistible nights of fun, including experiences that are sure to leave you screaming for more!

Roaming Hack Pack

Beware of the roaming pack of chainsaw-bearing monsters set out to instill fear in the least suspecting guests.

Sinister Smiles Photo Opportunities

Bring your sinister smile or wicked grin to seek out Jack, the mischievous Howl-O-Scream gourd, for a photo…but only if you dare!

BOOze Bars & Bites

Fuel up on liquid courage at six of the park’s themed bars, offering everything from witches’ brews to ghostly goblets. 

  • OktoberTaps – Oktoberfest
  • Stone-Cold Spirits –Italy Gardens
  • Pete’s Provisions – New France
  • Jack’s Nightcap – Ireland
  • Frost Bar – Oktoberfest
  • BarKastle Spirits – Oktoberfest

Howl-O-Scream is back for eerie-sistible nights of fun for all who dare. In addition to this year’s events, guests can also face their fears on nine night coasters and other rides, indulge in some Halloween shopping, and explore park Howl-O-Scream tours. Find fa-boo-lous deals on tickets here. Happy haunting!

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