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Celebrate American Indian Heritage this November

Visiting the Historic Triangle is the perfect time to celebrate American Indian heritage this November. American Indians were an important part of Williamsburg’s 18th-century history, as their influence on American culture and democracy have ultimately shaped our country into what it is today. 

Learning more about outside tribes that traveled to Williamsburg and the local tribes who called these lands home is important for understanding the truth of our country’s history and helps us to respect and honor our past. 

Celebrate American Indian heritage this November by learning more about their rich history right in the place where it happened.


Historic Site: American Indian Encampment

Colonial Williamsburg offers the American Indian Experience, with a variety of performances, presentations and exhibits to honor the rich culture and history of the local and foreign indigenous tribes of the 18th century.

Immerse yourself in a Native American delegation, where diplomatic affairs were discussed between Native groups and the colony of Virginia. These temporary camps allow visitors to travel back to the 18th century to put themselves in the shoes of the regional indigenous people and understand their way of life.


Performance: From Freedom to Slavery

This live performance shares the story of Methotaskee, who was once a freed Shawnee Indian, but was forced back into slavery and reintroduced into Williamsburg society as Elizabeth.


Presentation: Students of Brafferton Indian School

Experience this presentation of the Brafferton Indian School in 1723, which was home to many indigenous students who had become integrated into Williamsburg’s society. From both local and foreign tribes, these students attended church, gathered supplies and networked through social connections as members of society. These students, though their names unknown, were known to be soldiers, interpreters, diplomats, and spies, and truly played a role in American history. 

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Celebrate American Indian Heritage this November at the Jamestown Settlement

Visit a recreation of the Paspahegh Town to learn about the Powhatan way of life. Where reed-covered houses meet fields and ceremonial grounds, observe real artifacts donated by the Governor’s Land Association and a scale model of Paspahegh. Learn about the Powhatan way of life, including the way they fished, hunted and gathered, prepared animal hides, crafted pottery, and weaved with the native fibers.

Secure your tickets today for this interactive and engaging exhibit at the Jamestown Settlement.

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