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Awesome Activities for Your Kids

At each new phase of your life, your vacations have taken you to different places. When you were 21, you probably thought Cancun was the ultimate in vacation hotspots. Since then, life may have taken you down different paths—to the museums of Europe, the mountains of South America, the casinos of Las Vegas…sampling all the treasures our world has to offer is one of life’s greatest rewards.

So is having a family! Kids definitely shape your mindset when it comes to your idea of the perfect vacation destination, and Williamsburg is one of the most perfect places to share with your children. It hits every mark with tons of options for kid-friendly fun, plus a hefty dose of hands-on enlightenment about our country’s fascinating past. If you’re planning a family trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, this summer, you made the right choice. Here’s why: 



This one is a no-brainer. Every kid remembers his or her first rollercoaster ride, and what better place to experience this thrill than at Busch Gardens with Mom and Dad? This park boasts endless thrills: fast rides (and rides for little tikes), musical entertainment, amazing animals, and satisfying summer fare.



Speaking of rides, don’t forget to bring your swimsuits, because right up the road from Busch Gardens is Water Country USA. This water park is packed with rides and slides! The best part? You can join in on the fast-paced fun, or observe your children’s joy from a distance while you tan on a lounge chair.



Colonial Williamsburg promises an exciting journey through some of the most important years in American history. Pose for a photo in the pillories, where petty criminals in the 18th century would have to stand for hours with their head and hands bound to discourage others from wrongdoing. You should also take a tour of the gorgeous Governor’s Palace, which has a garden with a 6-foot tall hedgerow maze perfect for hide-and-seek! And don’t skip an authentic carriage ride in a reconstructed colonial-era coach through the historic area!

Your kids are covered when it comes to making learning fun. They can test out popular 18th-century kids’ games on the Palace Green, take tours with junior interpreters for a more relatable learning experience, or wander through Colonial Williamsburg’s streets and gardens for a thrilling ghost tour.



Watch your kids relive the experience of America’s first permanent colony at the Jamestown Settlement! They’ll love stepping aboard the fleet of ships that brought the first colonists to Jamestown, trying on authentic 17th-century armor at James Fort, exploring a recreated Powhatan Indian village, and watching military reenactments by historic interpreters.



It’s a fact—kids have an innate fascination with animals and the outdoors. That’s why you should bring them to the Virginia Living Museum for hands-on exposure to nature! Living exhibits bring guests up close to native Virginia wildlife, like red wolves, loggerhead turtles, horseshoe crabs and more. Kids can also catch an amazing show at the Planetarium or explore the Dinosaur Discovery Trail, where 16 majestic creatures from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods can be admired! Whatever your children love about nature, they’re sure to find it here!

No matter what age you are, Williamsburg knows how to cater to your tastes. Be sure to bring the family to King’s Creek Plantation this summer for an unforgettable experience in the Historic Triangle! 

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