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Indoor Games for Your Young Ones

Are you running out of ways to tire your kids out so that they are actually ready to sleep when it’s time for bed? Having a hard time coming up with creative indoor games for your young ones?

It’s not your fault! There are two things working against you right now, and one of them is COVID-19. 

No play dates. No playground. No swim lessons or dance lessons or karate lessons or music lessons. No lessons of any kind. Worst of all? No vacations—at least not to places that can stimulate like Busch Gardens and Water Country USA

Add to that the fact that temperatures have been sizzling in the 90s for the past several weeks, and you’re no doubt left with quite a restless bunch. 

Luckily, we have compiled some fun and easy activities for you to try out that will burn up all of their energy and none of your patience. 

Blow bubbles.  First on our list of indoor games for your young ones is both simple and perfect! If you have a covered outdoor space, this activity will even work in the heat if they can wear bathing suits. If you don’t have an outdoor space that you’re comfortable using for this, a basement works just as well. As you blow bubbles, challenge your kids to pop them all before they hit the ground. 

Freeze dance. You probably already have the necessary tools—a dance playlist and a room. Explain ahead of time that you’re going to put on their favorite music while they show you their wildest dance moves, and when you stop the music, they have to freeze in place. No matter how silly they look, they can’t move! This is a great way for them to use their bodies and their listening skills.  

Hopscotch. Since they can’t play hopscotch outside when it’s 95 degrees, use painter’s tape to create a hopscotch board in a hallway. 

Animal races. First, teach your kids how to walk like a crab (on all fours with their bellies facing up). You can also try a bear, a frog, a penguin, an inchworm, an elephant, a kangaroo—you get the idea. If you need a refresher on this, check out this helpful site. After some practice, set up an area in your home where the kids can “race” as each animal and cross a finish line (tape on the floor works great). Whoever wins the most races gets a treat, and the others get to decide something important (like what you have for dinner or what show you’ll watch later).

Laser maze. Take painter’s tape, crepe paper or even string, and set up a “laser maze” in a hallway. Your kids will love climbing and crawling through without touching the “laser beams”. If you feel compelled to join them for this one, we won’t judge.

Balloons. Blow up balloons of various sizes (small ones will be heavier) and play “Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Ground.”

The floor is lava! This is a classic! Spread cushions, pillows, small rugs, and blankets around the room (or pieces of paper!), and tell the kids they have to get from point A to point B (determined by you) without touching the floor, which for the purposes of this game, is lava. 

We hope these ideas for indoor games for your young ones help you get through the next couple of weeks! Feel free to add any success stories you have below!

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