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Part I: An Amazing Williamsburg Adventure for Kids

Part I: An Amazing Williamsburg Adventure for Kids: Have you seen Huffpost’s  “Vacation or Trip: A Helpful Guide for Parents”? If you’ve ever traveled with kids, you will find this piece especially relatable and absolutely hilarious. 

It’s true—traveling with small children is not for the faint of heart! But as we all know, taking a trip with your kids creates rich opportunities for family bonding and lasting memories. And who doesn’t want that? So we decided to put together a two-part sample itinerary for families traveling to the Historic Triangle with kids in tow. 

Do your kids like pancakes?

Yes → Since little ones are prone to getting hangry (ha!), the most important meal of the day could start at Food For Thought, a Williamsburg restaurant whose décor features biographical pictures of inventors, scientists, and social leaders and thought-provoking quotes on the walls that set an uplifting tone for the day. The discussion cards on your tables will get your family chatting animatedly as you fill up on delicious pancakes smothered in 100% Vermont Maple Syrup (or, for the more adventurous, banana and nutella-stuffed crepes). Check out the rest of their classic breakfast menu here.

No → If you’re a family that prefers to breakfast smorgasbord-style (think omelet and meat-carving stations), have Sunday brunch at Opus 9. Your kids will feel like grownups as they load their own plates with bacon, sausage, homemade fruit cobbler, Belgian waffles and sliced prime rib. 

Are they up for a history lesson?

Yes → Visiting places like Colonial Williamsburg can make a huge impact on a child’s view of history. There are so many kid-friendly offerings going on in Colonial Williamsburg that you could go every day for a week and never do the same thing twice! Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to simply walk around! So arrive early, get a feel for the atmosphere and lay of the land, and when you’re ready, head to the visitors center to buy your day pass. 

One of our favorite highlights of the CW experience is interacting with costumed reenactors. Walk right up to them and strike up a conversation, or ask them your most burning questions about life as a colonist in the 17th century! They love to relay American history, and the more you interact with them, the more fun, educational and memorable the day becomes.

Hot tip: Download the free Colonial Williamsburg app on your phone, click “Colonial Williamsburg This Week,” and see the list of performances and activities scheduled. Lots of sights are free, like snapping a pic of the stocks outside the courthouse or catching an exciting fife-and-drums parade go by. 

Ticket holders can explore the buildings where trades flourished and speak with reenactors demonstrating shoe and wig making, dying and making clothes, blacksmith and silversmith work, and more. Kids always get a kick out of learning cool details about colonial life, like how people went to the bathroom in those days, and how dyes were made from the shells of bugs. 

You’ll also get access to horse-drawn carriage rides, as well as tours in places like the Capitol building, the Governor’s Palace (they’ll LOVE running through the outdoor hedge maze and gazing at the beautiful ballroom) and so much more. 

No → If they’re in the mood for thrills, Busch Gardens is about to open for the season, and tons of adventures await. Between the kid-friendly rides, exciting shows, and special events like Sesame Street Kids’ Weekend (April 3 – May 10), you could spend a whole weekend exploring this beautiful theme park. 

If little feet get tired, the train and skyride are great options to easily get around the circular park. Check out the map here as well as links to super helpful resources that help parents plan a great day at the park! And don’t forget, kids in preschool get to play for free this spring, summer and fall. Learn more about that here.

Lunch break! 

If you’re in Colonial Williamsburg, try one of the many historic taverns along the walking path, or head to nearby Merchants Square and try one of their yummy lunch spots. 

Ready to unwind?

At this point, the whole family is probably ready for a little down time. All you have to do is head back to your King’s Creek townhome, cottage or estate home for a nap or a movie on one of our flat screen TVs.

If you’re still looking for more, stay tuned for part II of family-friendly adventures in the Historic Triangle!

We hope you appreciate Part I: An Amazing Williamsburg Adventure for Kids, stay tuned for Part II!

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