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How To Beat the August Heat

Part of the reason Williamsburg is such a great place to vacation is that it knows how to bring the heat! If you’re planning on paying a visit to King’s Creek Plantation in August, here are the best ways to deal with the heat in the hottest month of summer!

Busch Gardens

What better place to catch a strong breeze than at Busch Gardens? Fly through the open air at speeds up to 67 miles per hour on the Alpengeist, one of many roller coasters in this park that won’t disappoint when it comes to speed, height and fun.

Water Country USA

With these hot summer temperatures, you might feel like you’re going to melt. Don’t have a Meltdown—just plan a day at Water Country USA, a quick half-mile ride from King’s Creek Plantation. It’s the best place in town to get a tan and catch a few waves!

Ice Cream Heaven

Meet our friends HandelKilwin and Bruster. These are the local ice cream shops in you’ll want to visit this month to treat yourself to ice cold ice cream flavors. Kilwin’s fudge, chocolate, caramel, waffle cones and ice cream are all handmade. Handel’s ice cream, shakes and sundaes span an impressive range of flavors. Bruster’s ice cream is made on site daily, so no matter which flavor you choose, each and every one is super fresh.

Set Sail

When the sun and temperature start to go down, head to the York and James Rivers. Yorktown Sailing Charters offers an unforgettable sightseeing cruise on the Yorktown Waterfront. Jamestown Discovery Boat Tours shows you the amazing history of the James River. Williamsburg Charter Sails also has exciting daily charters and lessons along the lovely York River.

Kimball Theatre

Merchants Square is one of the best hangouts in all of Williamsburg, and it’s home to the historic Kimball Theatre. Don’t let this quaint colonial building fool you—the air conditioning is up to modern standards! Escape from the sizzling sun to catch a play, musical performance, film screening or concert.

Grab A Cold One

What goes better with sweat and sun than an ice-cold beer? In addition to having some of the richest history in the country, Williamsburg also has a growing craft beer industry. Alewerks Brewing Company, The Virginia Beer Company, and Brass Cannon Brewing Co. should give you plenty of frosty choices to cool off with.

When all else fails, you can always jump in one of the three beautiful pools at King’s Creek Plantation! It’s one of the many perks of staying at a place that mimics the comfort of home!

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