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The Great Parks of Williamsburg

We don’t know about you, but we think the world could use more parks. Check out some of the great parks of Williamsburg, Virginia— there’s some great ones for you to enjoy.

Parks offer us incredible gifts—to fully enjoy nature in peace, to meet people, to exercise, enjoy the solace of a shady spot on a hot day, to allow our children a safe space to play and explore—and that’s just the short list! 

Here’s a quick rundown of all of the parks in our beautiful community, so the next time you book a stay with us, you’ll feel just like a local.  


Community Parks

If you’re looking for a day of leisure, head to one of these great parks of Williamsburg. They are beautiful community parks:

Kiwanis Park

With ball fields, a tennis court, a picnic shelter and playground, this 27-acre park is on our list of favorites. The playground is top-notch for your climbing kiddos, and the walking path that circles the playground features shaded sitting areas for parents. There is even an exercise area with equipment that lets park-goers do full-body exercises.

Quarterpath Park

This 23-acre park provides endless opportunities for recreation. Softball fields, a tennis court, and a sanded volleyball court are pristinely maintained so that your next game can go off without a hitch. There are also picnic shelters and a playground if you want to bring your kids for lunch, and of course, there is plenty of space for your dog to get some exercise, too.

Waller Mill Park

This incredible space is 2,705 acres situated around a reservoir that was opened to the public in July 1972. The 360-acre lake is open for fishing, boating, pedal boating, and kayaking with a tunnel connecting the upper and lower sections of the lake. Numerous picnic tables, picnic shelters, playing fields, and playground equipment are nestled among the trees, providing a serene picnic area. 


Passive Parks

A “passive park” usually lacks an active play component. These parks are natural areas maintained by the city, and provide fantastic opportunities for getting closer to nature. 

Bicentennial Park

An excellent choice for dog owners and joggers, this beautiful park sits at the corner of Nassau Street and Newport Avenue, a quick walk from Downtown Williamsburg. We love this green park’s lovely brick walkway, and it’s the perfect spot to picnic with a friend, soak up some rays, or read a book after a long day enjoying the historic area.

City Square Park

City Square Park is situated between the Williamsburg Regional Library and the Stryker Center. This lovely green space features a beautiful plaza with a fountain, trellis, and artwork. People love to gather here to picnic on the lawn or use the cafe-style seating to eat, read, or people watch.

College Landing Park

As you may have already guessed, College Landing Park is adjacent to William & Mary’s campus. This park provides excellent site-seeing opportunities, from the marsh walkway that offers views of College Creek to the lookout tower. This is a great place for fishing, kayaking and canoeing, or simply sitting at the water’s edge to take in the peaceful view.

Minor Park

We love this park’s name! At a “minor” 0.17 acres, this gem offers a lovely respite from the hustle and bustle of life with cozy benches, thoughtful landscaping, and even a Little Free Library! 

Redoubt Park

This 22-acre park was dedicated in May of 2007 to honor the 145th anniversary of the Battle of Williamsburg. A redoubt is a type of fortification, and this park preserves two of these original structures that were built by soldiers and enslaved people to guard Quarterpath Road and nearby Tutters’ Mill Pond. Over 160 years ago, this site was the scene of a battle that resulted in over 3,800 Union and Confederate deaths. Only the two redoubts remain, reminding us all of those who sacrificed themselves to write America’s future. If you visit, take a walk on Tuttle Trail, a one-mile path dotted with Civil War markers, placards and redoubts one and two. 

Enjoy your adventure in the great parks of Williamsburg.

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