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Tips for Planning a Spring Break Vacation in the Historic Triangle 

Here are a few practical tips for planning a spring break and an unforgettable spring vacation.

Every year, families are faced with a unique challenge: what’s the best way to make spring break fun, memorable and affordable? Options abound. Should you relax by the pool at a resort? Explore the exhibits of a historical museum? Experience the adrenaline-inducing thrills of a theme park?

At King’s Creek, you don’t have to choose—you can have it all! Conveniently located minutes from Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg and more, a stay at King’s Creek lets you take part in all of the family-friendly fun that Virginia has to offer. Here’s your tips for planning a spreag break.

Rethink the hotel. 

Vacation lodging can be especially daunting when you’re planning for a family. Everyone either has to cram into one hotel room, or you have to pay for multiple rooms. Other options are becoming increasingly available. Rentals such as private homes and multi-room townhouses are an affordable alternative, especially when you can split costs with a group of friends or family. Renting a home provides the added benefit of a fully-stocked kitchen, which means every meal doesn’t have to be eaten (and paid for) in a restaurant.

Decide soon.

Spring break is one of the most popular times for families to travel. That translates to prices of tickets to the most popular destinations rising by more than a third! Booking early often gives you the best price, along with the best choice of everything from lodging to tickets for local attractions. The less flexible you are able to be, the sooner you should finalize travel plans.

Set a budget.

Before you even start your search for that perfect, all-inclusive vacation package, determine a budget that works for your family. Consider costs such as lodging, transportation, meals, experiences and souvenirs. What activities are most important? Is there anything you can cut out of the itinerary? 

Avoid over-planning.

Very few of us are able to maintain a good attitude through back-to-back activities around the clock. Leave time in your schedule that you can dedicate to exploring something that grabs your interest or wandering around a beautiful spot. Just a quick chat with a local will guide you in an interesting, impromptu direction—and it will probably yield your favorite memory of your trip. 

You can also simply enjoy the amenities of the resort! After all, this is your opportunity to relax.

King’s Creek is a great choice for the backdrop of your most amazing spring break ever! 


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