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Aquazoid Amped at Water Country

Introducing… Aquazoid Amped at Water Country USA! We may be biased, but we think this could be your new favorite way to cool off in the hot summer!

It’s no secret that summers in Williamsburg are hot and humid. And according to Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation historian Nancy Egloff, the colonists had a lot to say about the heat. Jamestown founder, John Smith, even recorded his opinion of Virginia’s climate:

“The Sommer is hot as in Spaine; the Winter cold as in France or England. The heat of sommer is in June, July and August, but commonly the coole Breeses assuage the vehemency of the heat.” 

Just imagine—instead of sprinklers, pools, shorts, sandals or tank tops, all the colonists could rely on was the occasional breeze! 

Luckily, today King’s Creek is a 5-minute drive from 43-acre Water Country USA, the country’s largest water park that’s dedicated to making your family members shout in excited unison! And starting in May, guests will experience a classic with a twist: Aquazoid Amped


Thrills on thrills…

Plunge down 864 feet of fully enclosed twisting tube with sudden splashes at 20 feet per second!


…plus a sensory special effects show…

This tricked-out raft ride has an all-new special effects show with dynamic lighting effects. Explore a vibrant new world filled with colors, vivid lights and changing special effects! With a variety of light shows, each ride could be different than the last.


…with a pulse-pounding soundtrack.

Splash to the beat of Aquazoid Amped’s new electrifying soundtrack. Upbeat tunes plus dynamic special effects are sure to add a new wave of energy and thrills to this family raft ride! 

There are rides of all thrill levels at Water Country USA! You can also try out Big Daddy Falls, a medium-thrill whitewater rafting adventure, or Vanishing Point, a high-drop slide that will give you the adrenaline rush of your life, or Malibu Pipeline, another medium-thrill ride with twists, turns and drops. Try them all, and see if you can get through the day without feeling the delicious rush of adrenaline. (You can’t.)

See the full list here!

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