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Evening Events in Colonial Williamsburg

We can always use a little more fun in our lives, right? Now that the days are longer and nights are warmer, take the opportunity to spice up your nightlife with the incredible evening events in Colonial Williamsburg! Be enchanted, delighted, and amazed at all there is to do and see! After all, summers are for making memories.


Haunted Williamsburg

From authentic 18th-century colonial ghost stories to creepy modern-day encounters, Haunted Williamsburg is the only tour with exclusive access to historic outdoor spaces, featuring costumed storytellers who share their unnerving tales. This one-hour candlelit walking ghost tour takes you strolling through town, into gardens, and beyond the barriers to the area’s most haunted sites. The tour begins at the Playhouse Stage on Palace Green and is designed for audiences ages 8 and older. 


Ghost Walk Junior

If there are little kids in your crew, Ghost Walk Junior is an exciting, interactive storytelling experience for those seeking less fright and more fun!  Enjoy this 45-minute ghost tour of traditional spooky stories with a Colonial Williamsburg flavor.


Revolutionary Points of View

Love a good debate? Just imagine—It’s the eve of the American Revolution, and there are just as many opinions about war and independence as we hear about in politics today. Step back in time and encounter points of view that run the gamut. Then, engage in the most important debate in our nation’s history—do we remain British or become Americans? 


Capitol Concert

Nothing lifts the soul like music, and In 18th-century Williamsburg, music was a part of daily living. Unlike concerts held at the Palace, live music performances after hours at the Colonial Capitol were open to the public. Join the Governor’s Musick Ensemble in the resonant Hall of Burgesses for a special evening of chamber music! 


Cry Witch

This hour-long interactive event at the Capitol General Court lets you question witnesses, weigh evidence, and cast your vote for the guilt or innocence of Grace Sherwood, the last person known to have been convicted of witchcraft in Virginia.


To Hang a Pirate

In 1718, a Royal Navy expedition, dispatched from Virginia, killed Blackbeard the pirate off the coast of North Carolina. At the same time, 15 members of his crew were captured and brought to Williamsburg. They were tried for piracy at the Capitol by Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood in 1719. Join in this recreation of the actual trial of Israel Hands, a member of Blackbeard’s crew. Hear the evidence and make a judgment! How would you sentence a pirate?


There’s something for everyone to joy— day and night when you visit King’s Creek, located here in the Historic Triangle! 

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