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Low-Key Summer at King’s Creek

What’s on your summer checklist? According to the news, the return to “normal life” has a lot of people feeling anxious. We totally get it. Last year, it was almost as if the volume of life turned way down, and everyone got a chance to adapt to the quiet. If you’re an introvert, it might have even been a bit of a relief to watch all the hustle and bustle fade away for a year. Which makes a low-key summer at King’s Creek sound like the best way to ease back into things!

While some of us are chomping at the bit to get together with long-lost friends and jet-set to new and exciting places, others of us need a little more time to get there. The great news? There’s no pressure. When you plan your summer, make plenty of room for lazy days. We won’t tell.

Here are seven awesomely low-key things you can do this summer, even if you happen to be on vacation (after all, a change of scenery can be great). 


Swim. Say yes to life and jump in the pool with your kids. In fact, be the first to do it and instigate a game of Marco Polo where everyone in the pool can play. The pools at King’s Creek are perfectly designed for cannonballs, handstands and, most of all, floating peacefully.


Try a new ice cream flavor. Especially if you’re the kind of person who always orders the same thing! Who knows? It might be the best. (Here‘s an updated list of our favorite local ice cream spots. 


Watch a movie from when you were a kid. One night, try cozying up with the family in front of the flat screen and convince the kids to watch something you loved when you were little. Think Back to the Future, the original Parent Trap, even The Sound of Music! Whether they love it or hate it—hey, you’re makin’ memories! 


Read a great book. If you forgot yours back at home, Williamsburg has great bookstores like Mermaid Books, Williamsburg Booksellers, and of course, Barnes and Noble (if you’re having trouble picking one, here’s the latest best sellers list for reference!). 


Leave your phone behind. Whether you choose to stay at the Townes, the Estates, or the Cottages, just know your phone will be perfectly okay on your bed or dresser while you go out for an evening walk with your family (or solo). It’s amazing how much the absence of a phone frees you to be fully in the moment! 


Have dessert for dinner. Take your pick from some of our favorite places in the Historic Triangle to score a yummy sweet treat: Mad About Chocolate, Kilwins, Aromas World, Blackbird Bakery, Sno-To-Go, and Carrot Tree Kitchens. Trust us, your kids will remember this night forever


Stay at the resort all day. If you decide to pay us a visit this summer, you won’t be disappointed. While there are plenty of things to do around here that involve crowds, you can slow down the pace at our resort with a casual game of tennis, a game of hoops with your kids, a morning of swimming and an afternoon of watching movies. Regardless, if you’re not feeling adventurous enough for a day full of intense roller coasters or stepping back in time to relive history, it’s perfectly okay to stay put and enjoy what King’s Creek has to offer. 

If you’re struggling right now, we see you. A lot of people will need time to ease back into a faster pace, and that’s exactly what you should do if you need to take it slow. You will adjust, just like you did during the pandemic. We’re in this together!

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