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Virginia Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum is just 20 minutes south of King’s Creek in Williamsburg, Virginia, and makes a wonderful day trip if you’re in the Historic Triangle for an extended visit. The VLM offers incredible educational resources for any age. Amazing events and exhibits are held throughout the year, all aimed at observing, interacting with, […]

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How Trick-or-Treating Came to Be

Ever wonder about how trick-or-treating came to be? Now we know that Halloween originated with Samhain, a 2,000-year-old Celtic festival where agricultural communities would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off spirits and pay homage to the dead every October 31. Then the Romans took over the Celts, and in the eighth century, Pope […]

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Free Online Resources for American History

Are you a parent or a teacher? If so, we SALUTE YOU for the journey you’re about to go on this school year. Listen. This year is going to be tough for everyone—teachers, parents, and especially kids. As we find ourselves treading these uncharted waters, we think it’s important for everyone to just take a second and […]

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Our Favorite Historical Instagram Accounts

Are you doing a lot more scrolling on your phone lately? No judgement here! No one can keep kids focused on arts and crafts for 10 hours! If you know anything about the folks of Williamsburg, you know we strongly believe that history is fun. That’s why we rounded up five of our favorite historical […]

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