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A Day in Williamsburg – Without Kids!

There are plenty of family-friendly events and activities to enjoy in Williamsburg, Virginia, but we know that not everyone has kids! Or maybe you do have kids, but you simply need a weekend away with a friend or a spouse to forget your stress and enjoy some grownup time.

So soak up a kid-free day in Colonial Williamsburg! Here’s a sample itinerary to get your imagination working:

Shop and Dine in Merchant’s Square

11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Merchant’s Square is famous for its 18th-century feel, and it’s also home to over 40 shops and restaurants! Take your time building the perfect sandwich on homemade bread at the Cheese Shop, grab coffee and browse the selection over at the William and Mary Book Store and Cafe, or buy yourself a pretty new pair of shoes at the Shoe AtticSee for yourself—the combinations of shopping and dining are endless!

Carriage Ride: Red Carriage

3 p.m.

After you fuel up and drop off your shopping bags at the car, grab your pal and enjoy an authentic horse-drawn carriage ride through the Revolutionary City. This is a great way to kick back, unwind, and soak up the beautiful sites far away from the hustle and bustle of modern roads.

Palace Exploration

4 – 5 p.m.

The Governor’s Palace is one of the most beautiful historic attractions in Colonial Williamsburg. If history interests you, you can’t miss a chance to step back in time and learn all about the fascinating facts surrounding this stunning landmark in person.  

Ghosts Among Us

7 – 8 p.m.

In case you didn’t know…Williamsburg is haunted! Ghosts Among Us is a spooky (no kids allowed!) one-hour walking tour that gives you direct access to haunted properties and the stories that go with them. You will even get a chance to talk with people who have survived encounters with the supernatural and want to share their stories!


After an exciting day of shopping, horse-drawn carriage rides, and touring and walking the historic area, take advantage of local favorite restaurants for a relaxing dinner! It’s always fun to dress up for a night on the town and enjoy a meal at Opus 9 SteakhouseCochon on 2nd or the Seafare of Williamsburg(all crowd pleasers!).

If you’re looking for something more intimate, you could always prepare a meal at your CottageTownes or Estates accommodations and enjoy a cuddle and a holiday movie on our flat screen TV!

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