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Get Spooked in the ‘Burg

There’s no better excuse for a little vacation than to celebrate the holidays in Williamsburg. And we get it: the holidays invoke a rare but familiar thrill when it’s time to pull out the wreaths, scarecrows or firecrackers.

If you’re a big fan of Halloween, you don’t have to wait until October to get that special spooky feeling—at least not when you’re in Williamsburg! This city is nearly 400 years old, and since it’s the birthplace of the American Revolution, ghostly spirits are around every corner if you choose to look for them!

Here are three awesome ways to raise the hair on your neck and put goose bumps on your skin while the weather’s still hot.

Spooks and Legends Haunted Tour

Let costumed tour guides lead you through town at night by candlelight while they tell you stories through the eyes of real ghosts who inhabit the streets and buildings of Colonial Williamsburg. This highly original take on ghost tours gives guests an extra thrill by sharing encounters reported by 21st-century residents of Williamsburg. All information given on the lives of figures who lived and died in Williamsburg has been fully researched, so no need to be a skeptic! Choose from the Dead of Night Ghost Tour, the Witches of Williamsburg, or a fantastically frightful combo package.

Colonial Ghosts

Colonial Ghosts graces the Top 10 Ghost Tours in America list put out by US City Traveler AND earned the Best Tour Operator Award for Williamsburg! History-based ghost tours run for an hour and are great for all ages. If you’re really feeling brave, take an extra creepy 90-minute late night ultimate ghost tour that includes accounts of ancient Indian burial grounds, and well-documented stories of witches, murder, tragedies of war and betrayal that span over 300 years of American history. Colonial Ghost tour guides lead nightly walks through Williamsburg, making stops at its most haunted spots!

Scares That Care Weekend

From July 21-23, participate in the Scares that Care charity event, where proceeds go to families with severely ill children, women fighting breast cancer and children suffering from burn injuries. At this three-day event, meet exciting celebrity guests, including actors from shows like Game of Thrones and movies like the Devil Wears Prada! Enjoy TONS of fun events and super spooky vendors! Buy your tickets here.

At the end of an eerie evening chasing ghosts that still haunt the Revolutionary City, you can always return to the safety of King’s Creek Plantation’s CottagesTownes or Estates. Most options come with a gas log fireplace where you can cozy up with the ones who make life the sweetest (with the A/C on, of course—it’s still July, after all)!

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