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The Best Biking and Walking Trails in Williamsburg

In Williamsburg, Virginia, there is so much to offer visitors in terms of shopping, dining, and cultural enrichment, but did you know that there also are dozens of amazing outdoor adventures to be had? Because of its location, which is right between the James and York Rivers, Williamsburg offers some of the most breathtaking views in Virginia.

To celebrate the warm weather and the beginning of vacation season, we’re talking about all of the awesome outdoor fun to be had in the Revolutionary City. Hitch your bikes up to the family car, because we’re about to go on a ride through Williamsburg’s beautiful biking and walking trails.

The Colonial Parkway

The Colonial Parkway is a scenic, 23-mile roadway that connects Williamsburg to Yorktown and Jamestown. This unique thoroughfare ties the area’s cultural sites with its wildlife and pristine natural environments. It took a whopping 26 years to build, since construction was continuously interrupted by funding shortages that occurred during World War II and the Great Depression. Now a three-lane roadway, cyclists and motorists alike can enjoy the natural beauty of this scenic byway.

Distance from King’s Creek Plantation: 4.3 miles

Greensprings Greenway Interpretive Trail

This 3.5-mile nature trail winds through forests, ponds and wetlands over sections of wooden boardwalk. Interpretive signs make for interesting stops for riders along the trail, providing facts about the local plant and wildlife and sharing historic events about the early American Indians and colonists. Four-legged friends are allowed on the trail, too!

Distance from King’s Creek Plantation: 9.4 miles

Historic Jamestowne Bike Trail

Jamestown Island was technically the first permanent English colony, founded in 1607. It was mostly marsh and grassland at the time; in 1699 colonists relocated to the less soggy grounds of Williamsburg. Today, Island Drive Loop provides scenic views for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Keep an eye out for local wildlife!

Distance from King’s Creek Plantation: 11.2 miles

Virginia Capital Trail

This trail is pretty cool. It’s a paved pedestrian and bicycle trail that stretches 52 miles, from Richmond to Jamestown and Williamsburg. Think of it as a road through 400 years of history! One of the prettiest passes runs along the James River, Virginia’s largest tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. Whether you walk, run, skateboard or ride a bike, trike or unicycle, you’ll love this beautiful trail.

Distance from King’s Creek Plantation: 12.3 miles

Powhatan Creek Trail

Talk about a must-see! The Powhatan Creek Trail boasts some of the best views in Williamsburg for walkers, bikers and runners. Named after the creek it crosses over, this trail has a unique 696-foot long timber bridge that connects 2 miles of paved trail. It also connects to the Greensprings Interpretive Trail and the Virginia Capital Trail and is open to the public from sunup to sundown. It’s pup-friendly, too!

Distance from King’s Creek Plantation: 9.5 miles

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a lover of the great outdoors or just appreciate a nice view, there are options for you here in the Historic Triangle. The longer you stay, the more you’ll get to see and do!

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