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Things to Do In Williamsburg this Summer

Last year, Williamsburg was named one of the top 15 cities in the United States by Travel + Leisure! It’s no surprise, given its nearly 400-year history plus its amazing culture, entertainment, shopping and cuisine!

Here are some of the reasons Williamsburg earned the right to be on this list. Come see us in person and stay at King’s Creek Plantation if you’re planning a family vacation this summer!


Ah, the food. Whether you’re a chef at heart and like buying your ingredients from local farmers, or you’re a foodie who loves everything from a pub food to gourmet sandwiches to upscale French fare, you’ve got it made in Williamsburg. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options, here’s a cheat sheet.


Repeat after us: the Williamsburg Tasting Trail. It’s the collective name for our local breweries, unique distilleries and scenic wineries, and a huge contributor to the Virginia beverage scene. Whether you’re interested in combining wine, fitness and sightseeing in the form of the Williamsburg Winery Cycling Club, or you simply enjoy a rousing night of trivia, you can find something to cheers to in the ‘Burg.


Many US cities have an interesting history, but few allow visitors to actually see what life was like in the 18th century rather than imagine what it was like. Visit Colonial Williamsburg and visit with historic interpreters as they personify our nation’s founders and other important people from the day. At Jamestown Settlement, explore recreations of America’s first permanent English colony, watch in real time as archaeologists excavate James Fort, and climb aboard recreations of the ships that brought the first colonists to Virginia in 1607. Learn more about the Historic Triangle here.

The Great Outdoors

There’s a reason we like to say that “Virginia is for Lovers.” We love life in this beautiful state, and are lucky to have access to everything from mountain and biking trails to open water. For avid hikers, we’d recommend the Virginia Capital Trail, a 52-mile paved pedestrian and bicycle trail that starts in Williamsburg and goes all the way to Richmond! If you love being on the water in the summertime, check out all the amazing places to take a dip, row and sail.


Busch Gardens is less than 10 minutes from King’s Creek Plantation, and there’s no shortage of amazing events or wild rides (and kid-friendly ones, too!) for you and your family to choose from. The park opens March 24, and we can’t wait to buy our summer passes!

There’s something for everyone in your family here in Williamsburg, and King’s Creek Plantation is at the center of it all!

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