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A Travel Guide: The Historical Triangle

The end of summer is fast approaching, and back to school is here once again. While the kids have probably enjoyed their break from the classroom, it’s almost time to regain focus and prepare for the year ahead. If you’re looking for a way to get your family excited about learning, we have the perfect idea! Stay with us at King’s Creek, conveniently located next to the Historic Triangle, and encounter living history.  

This historic district in Williamsburg is home to several restored or recreated 18th-century buildings. As the world’s largest living history museum, it includes a vast array of historic sites, taverns and world-class museums. For more than 70 years, Williamsburg has provided an interactive and engaging experience to groups of all ages and interests. 

This is the perfect place for your whole family to enjoy a captivating educational journey through America’s past. Here are some of the Burg’s must-see places:

Settle in Jamestown.

Historic Jamestown is the site of the original 1607 settlement. Discover attractions filled with amazing artifacts and explore the Powhatan Indian way of life in a re-created village. See what life was like living in the first colony with incredible replicas and displays. Jamestown Settlement tells the story of our history in a way you cannot experience anywhere else. Finish off your voyage by visiting the Jamestown shops and restaurants, which are some of Williamsburg’s favorites! 

Dig in! Learn about archaeology.

Looking for a hands-on activity that kids will love? Colonial Williamsburg’s Dig! program lets them find their inner archaeologist (bonus: they can get as dirty as they want, and you don’t have to clean up!). Work alongside the experts and excavate the cellar of Archibald Blair’s 18th-century store on Duke of Gloucester Street.

After the digging is done, learn how to properly wash artifacts, and discover the process behind ceramic mending, conservation, and so much more! This free-flow event, DUG!, is the perfect way to wrap up your digging experience. Learn everything you need to know from the Williamsburg experts. Who knows, maybe it will inspire a future archaeologist in your family!

See the Capitol.

This is a perfect stop to immerse yourself in history. Rediscover the founding principles of our government as you walk the halls where colony representatives began to define American liberty, in addition to shaping the rights and responsibilities as citizens of the new republic. 

Here you can see first-hand what our country’s origins really looked like. This is a valuable experience for both kids and adults! 

Visit the Governor’s Palace.

Venture back in time to the years just prior to the American Revolution. The Governor’s Palace was built to protect British authority and wealth, and manifested tensions between rulers and the people. By visiting the palace, you will be witness to the magnificence that was the royal government before its collapse. This was once home to seven royal governors, plus the first two elected governors in Virginia!

Inside, check out large displays of swords and guns, incredible décor and the Grand Ballroom. The palace was built to impress, and it is definitely a must-see as you explore America’s history. 

Meet the tradespeople. 

As you explore the time before power tools, learn the incredible trades of artisans and makers from colonial times. See just how the tradespeople were able to develop and fine-tune their mastery of many crafts. These professions include brickmakers, blacksmiths, silversmiths, cabinet makers, weavers and so much more. Observe the process and admire their flawlessly finished products. Learn the true meaning of DIY from those who pioneered these skill sets.     

Conquer Yorktown Battlefield

Travel to Yorktown Battlefield to see where American independence was won! With the help of the French, the American army, led by General George Washington, brought British forces to surrender on October 19, 1781. Visit museum exhibits, field tents and walking tours through the battlefield to gain greater insight into the importance of the Yorktown Victory Monument and the Declaration of Independence. 

An expedition to the Historic Triangle is a tremendous experience for any age and all levels of education. Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestowne and Yorktown are all rich in history and provide opportunities to learn in an interactive and engaging way. Connect with the stories of our origin that have come to inspire American ideals. Book your stay at King’s Creek, and an adventure through the past will be in your future!

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