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Fun Links

How are you holding up this week? We thought it might be a good time for a roundup of fun links, in case you need cheering up. 

This year has certainly been a rollercoaster ride—and not the fun kind. So it goes without saying that we’re all feeling the effects of many emotional ups and downs. While there is much the world requires of us all right now, we are also required to take regular mental breaks to give us the strength to face the not-so-fun stuff.

So here is your excuse to recharge. Hot tip: We recommend pairing this with a hot cup of coffee. 

Grilled corn and avocado salad with feta dressing—the sweet spot where fancy meets doable.

Are you a runner? Here are the best facemasks for running outside.

Has anyone been opting for nice clothes instead of sweats? Dressing up at home can make you feel better!

That being said…”slob chic” is okay, too.

History meets modern times.

Rest in power, John Lewis.

The best photos of comet Neowise. Have you seen it in person?

Mostly noodles (including this beautiful dish. Who else feels strangely comforted by the shape of these noodles?).

How have you been entertaining yourself? Here are four cool ideas (including a plug for What Do You Meme, one of our favorite board games!).

If you’re feeling nostalgic for travel, this gorgeous post made us feel like we were almost in Florence, Italy. Or at least excited to plan a trip there someday!

Do you have little ones? Two words: Jumbo Blocks

A very cute before and after that might inspire you to do a little makeover of your own.

Plus, if you could use a dash of optimism, here is an article that shares the light at the end of this (very long) tunnel.

Stay well, friends!

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