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Historic Triangle Eateries You Might Want To Try

If you’re always on the lookout for truly inspiring cuisine, the Historic Triangle is home to many unforgettable restaurants. Whether you gravitate toward traditional white tablecloths or you prefer a more relaxed, quirky (but always delicious!) atmosphere, we have it all. Here are 6 Historic Triangle Eateries you might want to try!

Amber Ox Public House

This seasonally inspired brewhouse is one of the most innovative culinary destinations in the Historic Triangle. The menus are all determined by what’s in season, which means everything on the menu is fresh and extremely flavorful. Their extremely colorful and tasty dishes highlight seasonal local produce with a southern twist. Don’t miss the oak smoked wings with addicting herb buttermilk dressing!

Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters

Located in the Cole Digges House (circa 1726!) in charming historic Yorktown, Mobjack is a must-see (and sip!) destination. Enjoy expertly roasted coffees, espressos, and afternoon tea, as well as wine, beer, sweets and delicious sandwiches with gluten-free and vegan options. If you’re in the mood, take a stroll with Mobjack’s historian and American history educator on one of many guided tours through the Battlefields and Yorktown Village!

Fat Canary 

Located in the heart of Merchants Square, Fat Canary was established in 2003 by a family that is also responsible for founding Williamsburg’s unforgettable Cheese Shop. This culinary gem features upscale, award-winning cuisine that caters to true lovers of food, not just tourists. If you’re looking for an intimate setting to indulge in an unforgettable meal, the Fat Canary is an essential stop due to its

innovative menu items.

Culture Cafe

This unique cafe is well-loved for its diverse comfort foods, craft cocktails and industrial bohemian atmosphere with a communal feel. You’re welcome to come with your laptop and work while you sip a latte, or bring a friend for delicious wine and cheese curds. This fantastic restaurant also boasts thought-provoking decor inspired by cultures from around the globe, so you’ll have plenty to think and talk about while you sample new flavors, comfort classics and everything in between.

Casa Pearl
Residing in a renovated Texaco gas station, Casa Pearl is sure to blow your mind with an unusual yet delicious concept: oysters and tacos! Their culinary team is obsessed with this unusual combination, and brings it to your plate by focusing on quality, locally-sourced ingredients, seasoned culinary expertise, and gracious customer service. Their raw bar features many of the delicious fish and shellfish that the Chesapeake Bay region has to offer, and their tacos are Latin-inspired, but with a southern twist. The menu is made up of smaller plates to encourage sharing!

Blue Talon Bistro

Facebook fans dutifully post regular rave reviews to Blue Talon’s page, saying things like, “So different, so brilliant…” and “We will be back again and again.” Breakfast like a king, feast on genius dinner items, and…good luck choosing just one cocktail. Here’s a sample of what you can expect: braided pasta in a cashew cream sauce with fresh spinach and sauteed mushrooms. Mmm.


Silver Hand Meadery

With 5 stars everywhere you look, Silver Hand Meadery is definitely doing something right. What is mead, you ask? The fine people of this establishment have rediscovered and reimagined this delicious, historic, slightly sweet fermented drink. Created by fermenting the sugars found in honey with a few extra herbs, spices and fruits, mead serves as a tasty reminder of Williamsburg’s history and traditions. If you’d like to try a new alcoholic beverage that blends the creativity of craft beer with the elegance of wine, come support the bees and try a glass of this delicious historic beverage!

We hope you enjoy these Historic Triangle Eateries. Let us know which one is your personal favorite!

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