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Looking Ahead at 2021 in Williamsburg

Something we’re all probably looking forward to is the New Year. After being cooped up at home for 9 months, it’s important to get out and have experiences that enrich our lives (following the latest safety protocols, of course!). We also want to encourage the support of local tourism and small businesses however we can to keep Williamsburg strong in 2021! That’s why we’ve put together a little guide for what’s happening in the Historic Triangle this January. Here’s to looking ahead at 2021 in Williamsburg…

Jamestown Settlement

Visit Jamestown Settlement in Williamsburg, Virginia for one-of-a-kind historical re-creations, films and exhibits that teach about the people, land and ideas our country was built on. Begin your visit with a viewing of 1607: A Nation Takes Root. This film explains the origins and evolution of the Virginia Company, the colonists’ relationship with native Powhatan tribes to the arrival of the first Africans in 1619. From there, head outside to the pier to explore the Discovery, the Godspeed and the Susan Constant—recreations of the three ships that delivered the first colonists to Virginia. Guests can also explore James Fort, a recreation of a military outpost established by the Virginia Company. The fort includes wattle-and-daub homes with thatched roofs, an Anglican church, a governor’s house, historical interpreters doing real blacksmith work, and more. 

Colonial Williamsburg

Next on our list for looking ahead at 2021 in Williamsburg… Bring the whole family to Colonial Williamsburg, a 300-acre living history museum that lets you step back in time to learn about life in early colonial America. Explore historic locations like the Capitol, the Courthouse and the Governor’s Palace at your own pace, or even hop on a horse-drawn carriage and take a ride around the city. Visit with tradespeople that represent more than 20 trades from the 18th century and learn about the tools and techniques used in important colonial trades (think tailors, silversmiths, cabinetmakers, and gunsmiths). Another ongoing activity that’s fun for the whole family is ice skating at Liberty Ice Pavilion on Duke of Gloucester Street. Refreshments available for purchase include hot cider and coffee. Stay for a delicious dinner at one of the 8 restaurants across the street at Merchants Square. Liberty Ice Pavilion is open daily through February 15, 2021, including holidays! Click here to learn more about the protocols currently in place to protect the health and safety of guests.  

Colonial Escape Room

Put your mind to the test in the Colonial Escape Room, where guests work together in small groups to solve clues in one or more rooms in a limited amount of time. Some rooms are super creepy or challenging, while others are more casual and suited to young children. Here is a note from the owner of this locally owned business: Colonial Escape is open and providing the very best in immersive entertainment through these trying times. To ensure guest safety, we want to make you aware of the steps we are taking. Effective immediately, all new bookings will be private bookings. This will remain in effect through the pandemic. In the past we have disinfected our rooms based on traffic. We’ve recently increased those measures in response to COVID-19 by disinfecting our rooms in between each and every game. Our entire facility is thoroughly sanitized before we open our doors each day. Guests are also provided with hand sanitizer and gloves, and all guests are required to wear a mast.

Colonial Ghost Tour

Like your history with a side of the chills? Colonial Williamsburg is home to some of the oldest history in the United States, making it the perfect place for a haunted ghost tour. For both history buffs and lovers of all things paranormal, this city is known as a hotspot for hauntings and fascinating true stories. Visitors of all ages will enjoy exploring the streets of Williamsburg to see some of the most haunted locations in the country. Some of the well-known haunted spots you will visit on your tour are the Kimball Theater, the Thomas Moore House, Bruton Parish, the Peyton Randolph House, and the Wythe House. Learn all about the legends and myths that surround these haunted sites–and maybe you’ll have your own paranormal experience, too!

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking ahead at 2021 in Williamsburg! Let’s bring hopefulness and positivity into this New Year!

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