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Meet the Animals at Busch Gardens

We’ve talked a lot about Busch Gardens in the past, including its world-class roller coasters and rides, fantastic shows, and themed events (Mardi Gras is going on right now!). But did you know? Busch Gardens is also home to 30 species of animals! Through rescue and conservation efforts, Busch Gardens does its part in protecting animals and habitats worldwide… Keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to meet the animals at Busch Gardens. 

If you’re making a list of things to do this summer with the family, keep reading (and then book an animal tour here)!


Head to the Highland Stables to visit seven magnificent Clydesdale horses. These incredible animals have a noble history—did you know that they used to carry knights into battle? Their enormous size (up to 18 hands high and 2,000 pounds) sets them apart from other breeds. You can learn more with an in-person visit to see Clydesdales and border collies at Highland Stables and learn how these animals are trained. 


Meet Skye and Molly, two highly intelligent, energetic and athletic border collies living their best lives at Highland Stables. Due to their extraordinary intelligence and trainability, border collies love to work, and are particularly adept at their traditional role of herding livestock. They can also compete in sports like flyball, tracking, and flying disc competitions!


Don’t be alarmed! The gray wolf is a highly misunderstood animal; humans have both feared and revered them since time immemorial. But there is more to these canines than their piercing stares and chilling howls. Come learn about these beautiful, fiercely loyal and extremely ecologically important animals. 


Come say hi to Lincoln, a bald eagle rescue who is blind in his left eye. Busch Gardens was granted permission by the  United States Fish and Wildlife Services to care for Lincoln, and today he and his fellow bald eagles at Eagle Ridge are conservation and education ambassadors! Eagle Ridge and enclosures throughout the park are home to bald eagles, barn owls, a black vulture, and much more. Learn how these incredible animals hunt and socialize!


Busch Gardens is home to two incredible snakes—a king snake and a ball python. The park’s animal care experts are a wealth of fascinating facts about these slithery reptiles.

We hope you’ve enjoyed being able to meet the animals at Busch Gardens. Learn more about these incredible creatures and see the full list of animals at Busch Gardens here!

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