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Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage month, when we celebrate Natives and their contributions to the world. The more we expose ourselves and our children to the truth of a group of people, the less power we give harmful stereotypes. To recognize and honor Indigenous peoples, Colonial Williamsburg is sharing some incredible programming to help visitors get to know the tribes who once owned the land we live on today. 

This November, come learn about the past so that together we may build a better future.

Stories of the Past, People of the Present

Celebrate American Indian life and culture through traditional stories and a behind-the-scenes conversation with American Indian interpreters about what it’s like to tell the histories of their communities to the public.

Midwinter Stories

Stories are the life’s blood and collective memory of a society.  Among many Native communities in the Eastern Woodlands, storytelling takes place in the fall and winter, when domestic activities move indoors. Come hear stories and traditions from Native Nations such as the Cherokee, Shawnee, and Pamunkey.

American Indian Interpretation

Native nations came to Colonial Williamsburg regularly in the 18th century to discuss matters of trade, warfare, and diplomacy. What better way to celebrate Native American Heritage month than exploring the diverse cultures of Native peoples striving to preserve their traditional way of life and learn about the roles they played in creating a new country.

American Indian Life Series

This thought-provoking series explores past and present American Indian cultures. Each day, an American Indian Interpreter will delve into a different topic: You may examine certain native societies’ influence on American democracy and its struggle for independence, and the ways in which they adapted to this changing world. You may discover how European fashion affected American Indian culture and vice versa, or the diversity of American Indian religious practices and beliefs. No matter the topic, this exploration of the diversity of American Indian nations and their role in our collective story is sure to captivate.

Get your tickets to Colonial Williamsburg here, and see other featured events, like these for Native American Heritage month, in Colonial Williamsburg this month here.

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