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Williamsburg Trip Itinerary: Arts & Culture Edition

When you visit the Historic Triangle made up of Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, you can expect to find places rich with history and tradition. However, what you don’t want to overlook are the incredible opportunities to delve into the fine arts and cultural exhibitions found in this very same area. Keep reading to find your next Williamsburg Trip Itinerary: Arts & Culture edition. 

If you’re someone with a refined appreciation for artistic expression, we know just the places you should see! Stay with us at King’s Creek, and explore more of what Greater Williamsburg has to offer!

Muscarelle Museum of Art

You can find the Muscarelle Museum of Art located at Laberson Hall on the campus of William & Mary. This is a culturally-rich art institution, which serves as a dynamic resource for the community, a working laboratory for the students and a platform for visiting exhibits and collections.

Here you will find a collection that has continued to grow close to 6,000 works of art from many cultures and historical eras. Take the opportunity to view and study materials exclusively shown at these exhibitions. Visit here for more information on exhibits, collections and related news.

Dewitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum of Colonial Williamsburg

Visit the Dewitt Wallace Decorative Art Museum for 17th- through early 19th-century paintings, textiles, furniture, metals, ceramics and prints. Explore some of the “finer things” like the world’s largest collection of southern furniture, or perhaps survey through one of the largest collections of British ceramics outside of England. Learn about the way the wealthy and influential dined, through portrait galleries, vast collections, lectures and daily tours. 

Stop by the Hennage Auditorium for live musical performances and scholarly programs related to the collections. Afterwards, shop in the museum store, which offers books, music recordings and reproductions. 

Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery

The Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery, curated by John Lee Matney, is a contemporary research and project-based venue and curatorial hub for exhibitions at the gallery and elsewhere. The gallery features work from talent ranging from up-and-coming to mid-career artists. The pieces are for sale and constantly changing, which makes every tour unique and exciting for art collectors, students and art enthusiasts. 

Check out recent works and installations and learn more here

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum

Next on the Williamsburg Trip Itinerary: Arts & Culture edition is the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum. 

The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller is one of the largest collections of American folk art. Look through their collection of 7,000 premier works from the 18th-, 19th-, and 20th-centuries. The displays include a variety of paintings, sculptures, and other objects created by talented, self-trained artists and craftsmen. Their current featured exhibits include Folk Art Under Foot, Navajo Weavings and America’s Folk Art. Visit here to learn more about these and other on-going exhibits.

A More Low-Key Art Destination

We love the world-class art museums available in Williamsburg. However, we know that sometimes it’s nice to find inspiration in the places you least expect it! For you  aesthetes and culture connoisseurs that are searching for the unexpected, we recommend visiting Historic Yorktown

Stroll along the York River and you’ll find interesting stops along the way. Browse through antique shops, boutiques and galleries and take in the skill, craftsmanship and creativity with an entirely different experience. 

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