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12 Fun Things

How is everyone? Hopefully you’re doing a lot of FaceTiming/Zooming/WhatsApping with friends and family, trying out new recipes, and managing to stay sane. As we head into the weekend, we thought you’d enjoy a little distraction with these 12 fun things. 

1.Extra time on our hands may be resulting in a recent surge in online shopping! If you’re a sucker for nonessential (but adorable) home decor, check out this cute doormat. We think it helps us think optimistically towards the future, you know, for when you can have guests over again.

2.Looking to impress your friends and family? If you enjoy (sometimes super random) daily facts, this page is for you. Uberfacts is proud to provide you with the most unimportant things you’ll never NEED to know but you won’t be able to help yourself from sliding these tidbits into your next conversation!

3.Cabbage is having a moment. Do you eat cabbage? If the answer is yes — Here’s a love story that’s sure to last. Learn to appreciate it in new ways with recipe inspiration for both main courses and side dishes!

4.Getting bored with your daily instagram timeline? Check out our blog on amazing history accounts on Instagram? We think this post showing the control room of a German WWI submarine will have you diving DEEP into history! 

5.Have you been using your time at home for some spring cleaning? Overachiever. For those of us who are struggling with this daunting task – here’s a relatable laugh

6.We love a great instagram aesthetic! Get distracted for hours scrolling through these satisfying tasty color gradients.

7.It seems as if everyone has made it to the “baking banana bread phase” of quarantine. Most homemade bread recipes seem to be time consuming, but this one is refreshingly easy (and kid-friendly)!

8.We know you’re missing some of the experiences you’re used to having during this time of year. Take a break and just pretend you’re on this relaxing and meditative walk with us – We consider it a balm for your soul.

9.Getting antsy enough to paint something? Read this first. This guide will help you breathe life into old pieces of furniture without making any detrimental or unfavorable mistakes. 

10.Thinking about having a cozy date night in? Oh right, that’s really our only option for the time being. But great news – we have an awesome recipe for you to try! This Crispy pan-seared salmon looks unbelievably good.

11.Missing movie nights with your friends? Start a netflix party so you view your watchlist online with your squad! This feature offers synchronized video playback and a group chat so share your thoughts… for instance, what do you think happened to Carole Baskins’s husband? 

12.Grab a cup of tea, because Colonial Williamsburg TV is here, and so are virtual tours! Take a trip back in time to the years leading up to the American Revolution and explore our 18th-century city! The best part is… this channel is FREE! Yay!

We hope you enjoy these 12 fun things to do as a distraction! Let us know if you like this type of content, and we’ll be sure to do more! Happy weekend, everyone!

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