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7 Ways to Cozy Up This Fall in Williamsburg

We love the fall time in the Greater Williamsburg. The quaint town is filled with crisp autumn air, beautiful foliage begins filling the streets, and there’s always an abundance of seasonal activities to partake in. Here at King’s Creek, we take pride in being your home away from home, and we have some amazing ideas for how to cozy up and enjoy this wonderful time of year! 

1: Explore new trails.

The adventurous spirits definitely want to explore the outdoors during this time of year! The temperature is a little cooler, and the leaves surround you with various shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown. Williamsburg has no shortage of walking, jogging or hiking trails for you to explore. Take in the gorgeous weather and breathtaking scenery at every turn!

Whether you prefer trails through the forest, the marshlands or along the water, we have options! Check out the different trails that run through Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown here

2: Warm up your taste buds.
There’s nothing quite like sipping on a warm cup of something wonderful to bring you back to your senses. Just a few sips from your hot chocolate or pumpkin spice latte can warm your heart on a chilly day. Not to mention, the taste is pretty great too. 

Visit these cute and homey cafés for coffee, tea or hot cocoa, and you’re sure to enjoy the heavenly aromas and flavors.

3: Relax by a fireplace.

There are so many reasons to love fireplaces in the fall. First and foremost, what’s better than coming inside after being out in the cold and letting the fire bring you warmth and comfort? Additionally, fireplaces are typically a centerpiece in a home. Sitting by a fireplace can give you an immediate feeling of luxury, nostalgia and security all rolled up into one. 

At King’s Creek, this is one of our favorite ways to get cozy. Our Cottages, Townes and Estates have gas log or electric fireplaces to give you the feeling of upscale-living in the comfort of a charming home. 

4: Kick back with a good book. 

One of our favorite fall activities is simply kicking back with a book. On days where you don’t feel like braving the cold or changing out of your sweats, find a good read and escape reality a few pages at a time. Stimulate your mind and enrich your spirit without having to leave the house! 

Reminder: you can enjoy King’s Creek without leaving the resort. It’s your vacation, spend it how you want to!

Here are a few bookstores you can survey while visiting Williamsburg!

5: Dress in comfy clothes.
Yep, that’s right. Fall apparel is another feature of the season you have to look forward to! The brisk weather calls for those snuggly sweatshirts, flannels, scarves, and beanie hats to warm you up from the outside-in! You get to wear big, oversized sweaters, but call it fashion. When the sun goes down, you can throw on your softest pajamas and a pair of fuzzy socks and call it a day!  

Whether you’re out and about in the Historic Triangle, or enjoying staying in the cozy accommodations, comfy attire should be a part of your packing list!

6: Treat yourself to baked sweets.

There are so many wonderful flavors fall is especially renowned for. There’s pumpkin spice, apple, maple, cinnamon, caramel and so many more that pave the way for the holiday season. With delicious tastes and smells at every corner, we’d be remiss to not mention the delight of these seasonal treats! Baked goods and yummy sweets are definitely something you want to take advantage of this year!

Williamsburg is home to a number of bakeries and dessert shops. Learn more about them here

7: Tap into seasonal drinks. 

Believe it or not, even the beer scene experiences some seasonality. With Oktoberfest (Munich’s Beerfest) taking place, people all over the world partake celebrating this German tradition. With this festival on the mind, taking a few trips to breweries may be on your fall bucket list. In addition to awesome year-round brews, you can also explore a wide variety of autumn ales and fall flavors on your next drinking exploration. 

Take a look at the Williamsburg Tasting Trail for the local breweries in Williamsburg!

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