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2021 Williamsburg Events

Colonial Williamsburg offers high-quality programs that address a range of topics with significant historical and modern significance. Join skilled professionals and distinguished academics as they explore the decorative arts and material culture, historic trades, and horticulture. Check out these 2021 Williamsburg Events… 

23rd Annual Working Wood in the 18th Century

Back to Work: Functional Furniture for Home and Shop

January 14-17, 2020 (Fully virtual)
Registration: Early November 2020

This virtual conference will explore woodworking tools, fixtures and furnishings designed for work at home and in the shop. Lectures will be available as live-stream and on-demand demonstrations where you can interact virtually with speakers and other attendees. Enjoy exclusive looks at rare furniture and places from the comfort of your home or shop!

The 73rd Annual Antiques Forum: Virtually Unstoppable

February 19-26, 2021 (Fully virtual)
Registration: Mid-November 2020

Connect virtually with curators, conservators, collectors, scholars, and art aficionados from the US and England and explore new exhibitions at the Art Museums of Williamsburg, go behind the scenes to see objects in their storage facility, peek at exciting discoveries in archaeology, and more. They’ll be discussing ceramics, furniture, metals, painting, prints, textiles, architecture and archaeology. 

Annual Garden Symposium
April 22-25, 2021
Registration: Late November 2020

If you’re a plant lover, this symposium is tailor-made for you! Hands-on workshops, lectures, and tours through Colonial Williamsburg’s beautiful gardens will be held in honor of Earth Day. Guest speakers and horticultural staff will share their best practices for creating gardens that are sustainable and earth-friendly as participants examine gardening designs, practices and plant choices that beautify landscapes. 

Ales Through the Ages
November 11-14, 2021
Registration: Spring 2021

What happens when beer meets history? Colonial Williamsburg takes you on a journey with some of the world’s top beer scholars as you explore ancient ales and indigenous beers of the past, examine the origins of brewing and discover the ingredients brewers have used through time. 

We hope you have a chance to experience some of these 2021 Williamsburg Events! The link to register will be posted on its respective page once registration has gone live! For any questions about these Educational Conferences, Forums & Symposiums, call 1-800-603-0948, or send an email to  

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