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Good News Sources

Looking for some good news sources? If you’re like the rest of the country, you’re having a hard time sleeping at night after spending your day skimming news headlines. We can’t seem to get away from the negativity—even social media platforms feed us the (always alarming, sometimes reliable) news around the clock. 

Don’t get us wrong. Staying informed is an important duty, not to mention, a freedom of American citizenship. But considering that most headlines remind us minute-by-minute of climate change, corruption, social injustice, and COVID-related crises, it’s no wonder so many of us are in a constant state of anxiety.

And that’s why we need regular reminders of good news. Because it’s there, and it is powerful, even if it’s harder to see. So let’s pull back the veil on the good side of humanity! Here are four good news sources that shine a light on compassion, humanitarianism, and just all-around goodness. 

Good News Network

Started in 1997, this organization publishes good news stories from around the world. Sparks of hope glimmer in the headlines: try what kids from around the world keep in their pockets (adorable), the latest COVID vaccine developments (promising), or all the people who are fighting for what is right (uplifting). You can filter stories by categories like US, World, Inspiration, Animals and Heroes. All stories are also available in Spanish.

Yes Magazine

This site is a refreshing dose of practical positivity, or “solutions journalism.” It reads like a news site, but instead of headlines that are absolute in their hopelessness, these news reports allow us to envision a better world. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? This independent nonprofit publishes inspirational stories about how people all over the world are working to build a just, compassionate and sustainable world. There are also wonderful teacher resources (we’re looking at you, newly minted homeschooling parents).

Daily Good

We like this site because it doesn’t turn away from reality. Rather, it helps you face reality armed with wisdom, knowledge and self-awareness instead of fear. It almost reads as a self-help site, with a practical balance of philosophy and science. There are great articles, inspirational quotes and stories about everyday heroes. You can also get involved by contributing to upcoming stories and volunteering as an editor.

Tank’s Good News

George Resch, a.k.a. “Tank” and the founder of popular meme account @Tank.Sinatra, decided to create a good news account after Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017. His Instagram account, @tanksgoodnews, has 2 million followers and counting. Every day, Tank shares stories of average people doing above-average things, especially ways that kids are making the world a better place. He also shares all the great ways celebrities are contributing to the good of the community, good news in the natural world, and those giant feel-good stories that restore our faith in humanity. It’s easy to subscribe for daily doses of happiness.

No one should feel hopeless, no matter what is going on. There are always people working hard behind the scenes to make a better world! 

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