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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend In Williamsburg

In America, St. Paddy’s Day is typically observed by dyeing things green and imbibing as many pints as possible. While that’s all fun and good, there’s actually a lot more to this festive holiday that has been so embraced by American culture!

In 1845, the infamous Great Potato Famine fell upon Ireland, driving around a million of Ireland’s poor and uneducated (and very hungry) to the shores of America. At that time, the majority of Americans were of Protestant faith, and their new alien neighbors were Catholic. Irish immigrants had a rough time finding jobs or even acceptance in their new homeland. Still carrying their Irish pride, these immigrants took to the city streets to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but were mocked all the more by their fellow countrymen.

Pretty soon, though, it started to dawn on Irish Americans that their numbers were quite substantial, and as history shows us, more people yield more power. They started to organize and develop some significant political influence, and suddenly those St. Patrick’s Day parades didn’t seem so silly—they actually became the place to be seen not only for Irish Americans, but for American politicians as well. In 1948, the first president (President Harry S. Truman) attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City. From then on, it was hip to be green.

In Williamsburg, there are plenty of St.-Patrick’s-Day-themed events, but as always, the fun comes topped with culture and enrichment. If you ask us, celebrating history in Williamsburg is a no-brainer—you walk away happier AND smarter. Here are a few ways you can spend your time if stay at King’s Creek Plantation this weekend!


What: Mead Up

When: March 17-19

Where: Silver Hand Meadery

Four weekends a year, Silver Hand Meadery gets a special permit to sell this honeyed and historic drink to us by the glass. This is one of those weekends. Meet up and mead up!

What: St. Patrick’s Day Party

When: March 17

Where: Oceans & Ale

One of the ‘Burg’s favorite steakhouses is celebrating the luck of the Irish and the first round of March Madness with beer from Stone Brewing and live music from 9 p.m.-2 a.m.

What: The Winery Cycling Club

When: March 19

Where: Williamsburg Winery

Every Sunday through November, you can join a very special group of cycling enthusiasts on a group ride through the Historic Triangle (Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown). Come between 8:30 and 9 a.m. for registration (it’s FREE!), where you’ll choose either a fast-paced 40-mile ride or a slower-paced 25-mile ride. Head back to the winery afterward for wine and brunch at the Gabriel Archer Tavern.  

What: “Steal the Pint Night”

When: March 16

Where: Water Street Grille

Come out to Yorktown, where they’ll be serving a delicious menu plus 20 microbrews riverside at Water Street Grille from 6-9 p.m. Enjoy four mouthwatering courses and brews from Blue Mountain Brewery as you look over at the lovely York River.


What: The World of Pocahontas Walking Tour

When: March 17

Where: Historic Jamestown

Before the St. Patrick’s Day festivities begin, get a little fresh air and exercise with a walking tour through James Fort and the Archaearium in Jamestown, where you’ll learn about and celebrate the fascinating life of Pocahontas. Can you believe it’s the 400th anniversary of her death? Time flies!

What: St. Patrick’s Day: The Sacred and the Profane

When: March 18

Where: Hennage Auditorium

Get in the full spirit of this holy Irish holiday with Kelly Kennedy and her band Handsome Molly as they play traditional boisterous Irish tunes!

What: Spring is in the Air

When: March 19

Where: Hennage Auditorium

Don’t forget that with St. Patrick’s Day comes the arrival of what we’ve all been waiting for—SPRING! Join Gabe Stone and Stephen Christoff as they share a “bouquet” of love songs from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries that our forefathers used to woo their sweethearts.

Depending on the size of your brood, King’s Creek Plantation has options to suit every need on St. Patrick’s Day weekend with our CottagesTownes and Estates! Take your pick of accommodations, and then let the fun begin!

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