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Weekend Fun for Everyone

Wherever you are, we hope you’re staying warm and cozy as we bear down and head into winter. This time of year can make us feel a strong urge to hibernate, but we wanted to remind you that you don’t always have to stay inside to have fun! In fact, getting out every once in a while can help you develop an appreciation for this time of year.

Even if you’re not in town this weekend, here’s an idea of some of the activities available to you when you come for a visit in January!

Songs in Celebration of George and Martha Washington’s Anniversary

January 6
If you’re into music, history and romance, then you can’t miss an event like this. Visit the art museums of Colonial Williamsburg and stay for a concert of 17th- and 18th-century love songs and dance music that celebrate love and courtship. This particular concert honors the 258th anniversary of the marriage of George and Martha Washington. What a great way to warm up for Valentine’s Day!

Love Unites Us

January 6
Speaking of Valentine’s Day, what better way to get closer to understanding the mysteries of love than by studying its past? It might be a fun little exercise to compare and contrast 18th-century customs of courtship and marriage with contemporary ones. Come to the Hennage Auditorium with a friend or significant other to learn how our ancestors wooed each other.

Six Mead Sundays at Silver Hand Meadery

January 8
Silver Hand Meadery has rediscovered and reimagined mead, a delicious fermented drink. Created by fermenting the sugars found in honey with a few extra herbs, spices and fruits, mead blends the creativity of craft beer with the elegance of wine. Every Sunday, Silver Hand Meadery offers free tastings, and this Sunday you can try six meads instead of four. During your visit, try a honey tasting for just $5 per person. What a great way to get warm with friends on a wintery Sunday!

Liberty’s Ice Pavilion

Now through February 20
Ice-skating is one of those simple activities that carries a distinct charm and nostalgia. There’s something unforgettable about gliding around on a trusty pair of skates under a cold, grey sky. This family-friendly activity is only available through the end of February, so hurry to Liberty’s Ice Pavilion on Duke of Gloucester St. to enjoy the great outdoors and a hot cup of chocolate with your loved ones. You won’t regret it!

Whenever you decide to stop by for a nice weekend in Williamsburg, we’re always excited to be your host!

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