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4 New History Instagram Accounts

We’ve written about our favorite history accounts on Instagram before, like @historyblackandwhite and @historycolored. We have always lived in the belief that history is fun, and these 4 new history Instragram accounts each have their own unique awesome qualities. 

What’s also great about this is that you can share your favorite posts with friends and family to generate conversations about important topics. Looking back at history often gives us a context in which to better understand the events of today, appreciate the contributions of different cultures, and even help us empathize and process emotions that we go through as part of the human race.



Do you miss going to museums on a whim? With @historicalartefacts, you can get the same sensation as you did wandering through grand halls and peering into glass cases containing relics of the past. Look at the first known globe to depict the new world, an artifact from the Italian Renaissance and believed to be designed by Leonardo da VInci himself. Examine Charles Darwin’s walking stick, or the stunning armor of a Chinese Imperial Palace guard from the 18th century. What’s your favorite artifact?


This is the best place to learn about the amazing women who have impacted history throughout the world. Take Josephine Baker, for example, an American-born entertainer who wowed crowds France and throughout Europe. She ended up joining the French Resistance during WWII, and then later the Civil Rights Movement in the US. Read about how journalist Nelly Bly made significant contributions to reform in the treatment of the mentally ill, or how Rosalind Franklin changed the world with her contributions to DNA research.


Learn more about the leaders of our country—not just about their contributions to history, but their more intimate moments, too, like this one of George H. W. Bush holding his one-year-old son, George W. We love seeing presidents before they became presidents, too, like this photo of General Dwight D. Eisenhower addressing American troops in 1944, or this one of a 16-year-old Bill Clinton shaking the hand of John F. Kennedy just months before his assassination.  


This 21-year-old Swiss archaeology student colorizes old photographs as a hobby, luckily for us! He does an extraordinary job bringing old black-and-white photos to life. Just look at this slide to compare between the original and his colorized version! He also shares an astounding depth of knowledge of history. The photos he shares tell many of the lesser-known stories from well-known historical events. 

We hope you enjoyed these 4 new history Instagram accounts! We promise to continue finding ways to keep history fun. To see living history in person, there’s no better place than visiting King’s Creek located in the heart of the historic triangle.

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