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12 Fun Links

With each passing day, we feel a little bit closer to the end of the pandemic, whatever that will look like. We think about you every week when we come up with fun things to explore, try out, and share. For now, here are 12 fun links to keep you entertained!

We hope that wherever you are, you are safe, you’re enjoying your company or your solitude, and that you’re getting whatever you need to stay well. This has been one interesting journey, and hopefully you’ve been able to stay grounded (or afloat, whichever is more accurate!)—and maybe even make new discoveries about things that interest you! If you have any cool ideas that have been borne out of this crazy time, please share with us!

Quarantine conversation starters.

How to keep your Zoom chats private.

Penguins visit a museum “for a morning of fine art and culture.” 

Cute masks!

Do you know anyone who’s just had a baby? We really loved this.

These drawings are so calming!

In case you need this right now: a “Bored Jar.”

Have you been reading lately? Check out these best sellers and treat yourself!

An update on the adorable animals of Colonial Williamsburg.

People are teaching themselves how to bake bread from scratch, so why not learn to dance like the colonists did?

An easy and pretty dinner upgrade (plus a way to support a small business!).

Have you checked out Jamestown’s virtual legacy wall yet?

We hope you enjoyed these 12 fun links! Here’s to hoping that by summer time, we’ll be talking about all the fun upcoming events at Busch Gardens, sharing tips on how to plan a family vacation to Williamsburg, and making guides on how to choose the best accomodations for your group at King’s Creek. Stay safe, keep that mind busy, and get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather if you can!

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