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5 Reasons Vacations Are Good for You

Did you know that vacation time is actually good for you? Taking time away from your job and every day stressors can have both physical and psychological health benefits. Here at King’s Creek Plantation we believe that fun, relaxation, and family time are essential! Here’s why:

1. Strengthen Family Relationships

One of the best benefits of vacationing is the positive impact it has on relationships between family members! Vacation time increases family bonding and helps create new memories and shared moments together. In fact, there’s no better way to combine family and fun than spending a day at an amusement park.

Busch Gardens– 3.1 miles from Kings Creek Plantation

Water Country USA– 1.7 miles 

2. Less stress

Vacations are very effective for temporarily removing people from environments that are associated with anxiety and stress. These breaks can make a huge difference when it comes to alleviating worries and pressures. In fact, the University of Vienna conducted a study that found vacationers even had fewer stress-related physical complaints, such as headaches or backaches.

In addition to the mental and physical tolls caused by stress during the day, holding onto stress can also lead to disrupted sleep patterns and restless nights. Having too much on your mind can bring about anxiety and tension, which ultimately your sleep can pay the price for. Taking time off can help to reset sleep patterns and calm your mind.

Explore the remarkable attractions in Williamsburg, like Jamestown Settlement, Colonial Williamsburg, state parks, museums, and a number of other local treasures. Give your mind a rest from work and simply indulge in the historical significance of this delightful town.

Jamestown Settlement– 10 miles from Kings Creek Plantation

Colonial Williamsburg– 6.2 miles 

York River State Park– 14.8 miles 

3. Decreased risk of heart disease

Believe it or not, vacationing is good for your heart! Enjoying a break and taking a step away from your work can actually have cardiovascular health benefits. In fact, men and women who skip vacations yearly are at a greater risk for heart attack. Taking advantage of time off can really mean you are taking care of your heart. Spending time at King’s Creek Plantation might be just what the doctor orders! The aquatic center has pools, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms perfect for fitness and relaxation.

4. Improved performance

The benefits of vacationing do not stop upon your return to the office! Rested minds are more equipped to be fully focused, which can ultimately increase an individual’s productivity. Vacationing boosts both creativity and energy reserves, which confirms that when people improve their quality of life it results in higher quality work.

5. Happier life

People who actively use leisure time tend to feel more satisfied with their life overall. Some of these positive effects include, better mental health, lower chance of burnout, and improved perspectives. This is one of the best ways to take a mental health break and return to work refreshed and motivated. Vacationing and spending quality time with loved ones helps to foster a fulfilling and happy life.

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