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Four Life-Changing Travel Tips

Being in the heart of one of America’s top travel destinations means that travel is something we think about a lot! Since summer is right around the corner, we wanted to share a few nuggets of travel wisdom with you in the hopes that you’ll be able to practice one or two!

1. Spend more time in fewer places.

When we plan a vacation, our first instinct is to try to cram as many different cities into one trip as possible so we can experience it ALL! But we have a suggestion: once you get to wherever you’re going, stay put. Spend less time packing and unpacking and switching hotels, and more time thoroughly getting to know a new place. Try every recommended restaurant, do lots of walking to local spots, and try something new every day. You’ll feel more relaxed, spend less money and avoid travel burnout. Plus, you’ll remember your vacation more vividly afterward!

2. Involved your kids in travel planning.

Having children shouldn’t stop you from traveling—in fact, they can add unimaginable value to the travel experience! Involving them in the planning process is a great way to get them excited about a family getaway. When each member of your family gets to experience something they chose, it makes the experience that much more fond and memorable. Tip for parents: if your kids are a little too young to actually help with the planning process, choose a few options yourself and give them a vote. For example: When we’re at Busch Gardens, do you want to meet Elmo or Cookie Monster?

3. Travel locally.

Travel doesn’t have to require tons of money or involve long flights! When trips to places like Europe or South America just aren’t in the budget, you can still find new experiences in your own backyard. Day trips or weekend getaways to nearby towns and cities are a great way to break up the year and bring the joys of travel into your life. If you’re a Virginia resident and you’ve never been to Williamsburg, it’s seriously worth a visit to this living history museum! Plus, there’s great food to be eatenrides to be tested and romance to be had.

4. Do the free stuff.

Between lodging, accommodations, dining, and paying for local attractions, travel expenses can really add up! But what people sometimes forget when they’re on vacation is that many towns and cities actually have a lot of awesome things to do that don’t cost a dime! If you’d like to focus more on saving money  when you travel, do some research to seek out the free or low-cost experiences in the area you’re heading to. In the Historic Triangle, there are a million ways to spend quality time together without breaking the bank!

Here’s to travel, and here’s to summer! We wish you wisdom and good fortune as you plan your awesome family vacation!

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