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Money-Saving Travel Hacks to Use in Williamsburg

Though it isn’t spring quite yet, we’re giving ourselves permission to daydream about summer—starting now. As we prepare for a very welcome change in our wardrobes, routines and schedules, here are some helpful travel-related summer hacks for saving money on vacation.

Enable private browsing when you search and book a flight online. 

You probably already knew this, but travel sites track your visits and can increase flight prices based on your search history. Eek! Luckily, there are two solutions: either open a new “incognito” window whenever (in Chrome, File à New Incognito Window”) or clear your cache after you price shop online. You can also add the Incognito button to your browsing panel through the Chrome store to go into incognito mode any time you want to browse the Internet without Chrome saving the sites you visit. Learn more here.

Carry a water bottle. 

Seems simple, but have you seen the prices for water at places like movie theatres and theme parks? You don’t have to part with $6.50 every time you want to wet your whistle. Bringing your own water bottle actually ends up saving a lot of money over one vacation, especially if you have a big family. Refills at theme parks like Busch Gardens are free, and a lot of water bottles have filters built in so you don’t have to worry about water quality.

Explore by bike. 

Biking is free, and bike-friendly places like Williamsburg [hyperlink to walking trail blog] have so many beautiful sights to take in that you can plan a good portion of your vacation simply checking things out! Plus, it helps you get a lay of the land early in your trip.

Find dining deals.

There are special deals hiding all over Williamsburg’s culinary scene—you just have to be on the lookout. Between happy hours (think: Opus 9 Steakhouse, Second Street Bistro) local affordable gems like Shorty’s Diner and online coupons, there are tons of ways to sample local fare without breaking the bank.


We hope these money-saving travel hacks come in hand this summer when you’re standing in line at Busch Gardens or strolling down the streets of Colonial Williamsburg! Happy saving!

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