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5 Tips to Enjoy a Holiday Road Trip

Around 122 million people will be driving over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house for the holidays. And while the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh through white and drifted snow, it takes a bit more preparation to truly survive a road trip if children are involved. Especially if children are involved. So, before you start your journey, check out these 5 tips to enjoy a holiday road trip!

Family-friendly activities in Williamsburg are virtually limitless–all you have to do is pick your favorite holiday getaway package, pack the car and drive to one of the Historic Triangle’s best resorts! (That’s us.)


1.) One map …

Be proactive in the effort to silence oft-repeated wails of “Are we there yet?” Make a map so everyone can follow along and know the (approximate) location. Include interesting facts about places you’ll drive by, and consider incorporating one or two of them into the trip as an extension of your vacation. Checking something off a map or list lets younger travelers focus on achieving milestones, rather than just sitting in the same mind-numbing position for hours.


2.) and plenty of apps! 

You’re excited about the destination and know it’s worth the drive. But for younger children, even a couple hours in the car can seem like torture. Thankfully, technology brings a new level of entertainment to the experience. Before you download these seven apps that are guaranteed to keep kids entertained, check the settings on your smartphone or tablet. Most devices let you get pretty specific about controlling who can do what.

Staying at King’s Creek has all the comforts of home, including wireless Internet. So you can download apps, movies and whatever else will make your vacation better!


3.) Music is good for the soul (and car).

All noises are not created equal. Keep the whining to a minimum by playing favorite tunes. Start the Christmas celebration early by downloading your favorite artists to a road trip playlist, and let each person take their turn as DJ. 

Audiobooks are another great option for keeping everyone entertained. Here’s a Christmas miracle: the entire Harry Potter series (voiced by the legendary Jim Dale) is available on Audible.


4.) Play games.

A road trip is a great introduction to spending time together on a family vacation. Embrace it! Check out these five classic road trip games that will involve and entertain everyone. 


5.) Bring your own food.

Whether you’re staying at The Cottages, The Townes, or The Estates at King’s Creek, you’ll have the convenience of a full-service kitchen. Making your own meals rather than eating out is just one way you can save money on vacation. That idea applies to a road trip as well! Don’t risk having to get the last greasy sandwich at the only gas station available for miles. Just a few items in a cooler will save time and money!

The last two years have completely changed how families spend time together–for some, time together has increased, and for others, the moments where everyone is in the same place at the same time has shrunk. Road trips are a unique opportunity, and we hope these tips help your family have a wonderful journey to King’s Creek!


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