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Three Ways to Knock Out a Winter Funk

Some of us dread winter the way we dread a visit to the dentist or speaking in front of a group of people. After all, it’s cold, blustery, and dark—and this winter might be extra tough with all that is going on in the world… But there are ways to beat the winter blues! Below are our recommended three ways to knock out a winter funk. Do you have a go-to technique for cheering yourself up in the coldest months of the year? 

Play “Five Nice Things”

While this gratitude exercise is certainly not a new concept, it’s worth reading this author’s explanation behind the game she plays wherever she goes. “Five Nice Things” is an incredible and easy way to shed the blues and invite rays of joy into your mind. Here is a list we came up with of little things that make life nice (we stuck with the author’s advice and went simple, but specific): 

  1. The gratification of vacuuming up dog hair tumbleweeds
  2. The smell of a baby’s breath.
  3. A pile of unread books.
  4. The way plants lean toward the window.
  5. The first bite of a *freshly baked* glazed donut.

Your turn!


Not only is walking good for your body, but it’s good for your mind and spirit as well. Walking outside in the winter might seem like a dreadful endeavor, but if you dress properly (wool socks!), the cold air is great for blowing away that slow, sad cobwebby feeling. You may have heard of the Danish word “hygge,” which roughly translates to “a cozy feeling.” In Denmark, there is a national attitude of acceptance when it comes to cold weather (because honestly, what choice do they have?). So instead of dreading the season, try to change your mindset to one of acceptance by getting fresh air in your warmest outerwear and coming back inside to a mug of hot cocoa and a warm blanket. Take your kids and furry friends with you! (Here’s a professional guide to layering and safety tips for dog owners.)


It’s widely known that reading is the best way to time travel, teleport—you name it. Many cultures across the globe understand the power of good storytelling, and science shows that reading stories increases our empathy and makes us feel happier and better understood. If you’re living alone, reading is a healthy way to fill the hours between work and bedtime. If you’re a busy parent, reading with your kids gives them the one-on-one time with you they crave. So what books will you dive into this winter? Will you always have a cup of something hot by your side? Do you have a favorite reading spot in your house? Here is a list of contemporary novels that looked so compelling to us!

And if all else fails, try not to think too much about your life after dinnertime.

Try these three ways to knock out a winter funk! Let us know if they work or if you have any other methods in the comments below.

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