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A Summer Day in Jamestown

Can you believe it? The first official day of summer is already less than two weeks away! If you’re planning a family vacation to Williamsburg this summer, be sure to bring the kiddos to see historic Jamestown come to life! It’s an easy 20-minute drive from King’s Creek Plantation, and there’s plenty of fun and learning to fill the whole day.

You’ll get to experience America’s first permanent colony at the Jamestown settlement with these fun activities for the whole family:

Jamestown Settlement Ships

Step aboard the fleet of ships that brought the first colonists to Jamestown! You can even try your hand at steering with a whipstaff or tiller, tie sailors’ knots, and climb into a sailor’s bunk. P.S. This site makes for the perfect family photo op!

James Fort

Exploring the James Fort site is a one-of-a-kind experience. Try on authentic 17th-century armor (some of it is really heavy!) and play games of quoits (ring toss) and ninepins (bowling). Get close up to historic interpreters who forge and repair metal objects in a blacksmith’s forge.

Powhatan Indian Village 

Explore the recreated Powhatan Indian Village. Learn how the Powhatan culture grew and prepared food, processed animal hides, made tools and pottery, and wove natural fibers into cordage!

Film and Galleries

Watch the events and environments of 17th-century Virginia come to life in a dramatic film, 1607: A Nation Takes Root, shown every 30 minutes in the museum theater. Be sure to carve out at least two hours for this thrilling flick!

Pocahontas Imagined

This year marks the 400th anniversary of Pocahontas’s death. Even after all this time, her image and story live on. Starting July 15, Jamestown Settlement will open a special exhibition that honors her legacy and gives visitors a closer look at this immortalized Powhatan Indian woman.

Plan the perfect vacation and be sure to buy your tickets early. All that’s left to do is grab your official map of Jamestown and let your family adventure begin! King’s Creek Plantation will welcome you back at the end of the day with amenities that feel just like home.

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