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Your Williamsburg Trip Itinerary is Here

When the weather heats up, we almost instinctively begin craving a vacation. If you’ve been wanting to plan a stress-free spring break or a short and sweet weekend getaway, Colonial Williamsburg may be just what you need.

The historic district offers everything from fascinating guided tours to hands-on, history-related activities that are fun for the whole family. It’s no surprise that the New York Times listed it as one of the 52 Places to Go in 2019!

Here are a few options to help you find the experience you’re looking for:

First Timer’s Itinerary

If this is your first time visiting Colonial Williamsburg, we want to make sure your experience is unforgettable! With over 301 acres to explore, it might be easy to get a little overwhelmed. That’s why we have an itinerary list designed to take the stress out of planning while also setting you up to have an awesome time!

Stop here for an 18th-century snack or light lunch and prepare for your first adventure in Colonial Williamsburg.

Explore the Revolution and the royal government, discovering the founding principles of American liberty. Walk the halls of the Capitol and see the very place where representatives struggled with the British governor.

This palace was built to impress. Visit what was home to seven royal governors, and the first two elected governors in Virginia. Witness the elegant decor, gun and sword display and the grand ballroom.

Ride through the historic district in style in a horse-drawn carriage. This is a relaxing way to take in the sights and sounds of Colonial Williamsburg.

Come see the corps march down Duke of Gloucester Street and listen so the spirited sounds of Revolutionary War field music.

Who doesn’t love a quaint coffee house? There is even more value to stopping at R. Charlton’s as you sit where Williamsburg’s citizens of the past met and talked over coffee, tea, or velvety chocolate – prepared in the 18th-century manner.

The first timer experience isn’t complete without an authentic dining experience. Enjoy colonial-inspired plates and specialty beer at Chowning’s Tavern any day of the week.

Family Trip Itinerary

Family trips can be a wonderful experience—when you plan ahead! That’s why we created a checklist to ensure fun for your whole family. Take a look:

  • Visit Historic Sites

It’s a no-brainer that Colonial Williamsburg is loaded with historical places and age-old treasures. Whether you want to visit the James Geddy House, the Peyton Randolf House, or the Governor’s Palace, each historic location will provide insight to some of Williamsburg most prominent people and families.  

  • Meet the Tradespeople

Take a step back in time and see the tradespeople of colonial times in action! You can check out how brickmakers used to mold and dry thousands of bricks, visit exhibits full of the handiwork of carpenters, or watch the weavers transform raw materials into lovely fabrics.

  • Ghost Walk Junior

Take the kids out for haunted tales with a twist! The 45-minute ghost walk is spooky fun for the whole family.

  • Children’s Tours

Take the family on an exciting and educational children’s tour. Explore Virginia’s last Royal Governor’s Palace, or walk through the Capitol and explore the different elements of this significant government building. These interactive tours create a fun and engaging experience that teaches kids about different seats of power.

The Playbooth Theatre was the colony’s first purpose-built theatre on this site before 1720! Stop by for a lively performance on an open-air stage.

You and your family can embrace the 18th-century life at the Peyton Randolph Yard. Patriots at Play is an interactive program with hands-on activities that ensure your children will have a ball and gain a memorable experience!

  • Art Museum

Take your family on an excursion through the arts of Colonial Williamsburg. Try Down on the Farm, which features sculptures and paintings of animals, or visit the German Toys in America, which is known as “the Toy Workshop of the World”. For other distinctive collections, visit the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum or the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum, which are located under one roof.

Romantic Getaway

If you’ve been planning a trip with your significant other, look no further! Colonial Williamsburg has a superb itinerary dedicated to creating a fun and relaxing vacation with your partner.

  • Carriage Rides

There’s nothing more romantic than a leisurely ride on a horse-drawn carriage. You and your partner can enjoy the views of the unique city side-by-side!

  • Art Museums

Journey through the culture and arts of the historic district by visiting the art museums of Colonial Williamsburg. The impressive collections of the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum and the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum will give you plenty to talk about!

  • Walk through history

Take a charming stroll through history together and make this getaway even more meaningful! Visit elegant homes of prominent historic figures and take a stroll through the perfectly manicured hedge maze behind Governor’s Palace.

  • Historic Dining

Finish your day off with a delicious meal that captures the essence of Colonial Williamsburg! With an abundance of cozy, candlelit historic taverns, you can enjoy colonial era-inspired meals, delicious craft beer, and 18th-century entertainment every night. Create special memories as you embark on a dinner date that is different from your status quo!

There truly is something for everyone in Colonial Williamsburg. Don’t feel like one of these itineraries described you? Check out the other recommended interest based itinerary options HERE. Book a stay at Kings Creek Plantation and find the experience that’s right for you!

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