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Drink Williamsburg

In addition to being the site of some of the richest history in America, Williamsburg, Virginia, is known as the home of great craft breweries, distilleries and even a meadery! If you consider yourself a craft beer connoisseur, consider trying out Drink Williamsburg, where you can tour and taste the craft alcohols of the area’s finest establishments.

The 14-person bus takes you and your friends out on the town for tours and tastings at four fine Williamsburg alcohol producers that make up the Williamsburg Tasting Trail. Drinks, tours, and tastings are included in the $63 experience, which is ideal for single riders, groups and private parties.

Alewerks Brewing Company
Alewerks has built a strong reputation and a devoted fan base since its doors opened in 2006. The popular microbrewery features 16 beers on tap and draws a crowd that appreciates fine, handcrafted brews with both bold and traditional flavors. While you’re on your tour this fall, sit at one of their outdoor tables and try the spiced amber ale they call “pumpkin pie in a bottle.”

Brass Cannon Brewing Co.

Brass Cannon just upgraded from a 4-barrel brewing system to a 20-barrel brewing system after a recent expansion and relocation to Williamsburg. The brewery offers kegs, growlers and draft selections in a brand spanking new tasting room. Their popular Langrage Line, named after the act of shoving random items into a cannon in lieu of a cannonball, consists of experimental batches that keep guests coming back for more!

Eight Shires Distillery

Formerly Williamsburg Distillery, Eight Shires is owned by dentist Dr. Bill Dodson, who expertly incorporates the history of Williamsburg into his guest experience. Dr. Dodson distills his spirits using recipes written hundreds of years ago and grains base types from the 1600s! Enjoy Colonial-era board games and the storied past of American spirits while you sample modern and historic cocktails made with bourbon, gin and rum.

Copper Fox Distillery

The Copper Fox Distillery boasts spectacular spirits in the forms of single malt whiskey, rye whiskey and gin. Owner Rick Wasmund learned his distilling methods from the pros in Scotland before he came back to open his now highly praised distillery. Learn how he figured out how to brew the world’s first Applewood smoked whiskey and why his whiskey and gin landed him on Thrillist’s list of “5 Small American Whiskey Distilleries to Watch Right Now.”

Silver Hand Meadery

It’s not exactly a brewery, but it is the area’s first-ever meadery. What is mead, you ask? It’s a slightly sweet alcoholic beverage created by fermenting the sugars found in honey, and serves as a tasty reminder of Williamsburg’s history and traditions. According to Silver Hand, mead has the “creativity of beer and the elegance of wine,” and, like its cousins, the flavor of each batch is unique. So come support the bees and try a glass of this delicious historic beverage!

At King’s Creek Plantation, we keep an eye out for all the latest and greatest things to do in Williamsburg so that you can have the vacation of a lifetime.

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