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Winter Delights for Your Family Getaway

If you think about it, fall and winter are great seasons in which to vacation. Summer and adventure seem so far away by the time December arrives, so there’s no better time to inject a little excitement into your life before the winter doldrums hit.

Williamsburg, Virginia, is an extremely attractive solution to making the most out of the season. Our winters are known for their mild temperatures and plentiful sunshine—we only get 5 inches of snow all year (the average U.S. city gets 26)! Though you won’t be building snow forts in Williamsburg anytime soon, we still have that magical, wintery holiday magic that stems from our food, entertainment, and most importantly, our traditions.

Check out some of the area’s best winter activities, courtesy of King’s Creek Plantation: 

Winter-Only Activities

While our pleasant weather makes it hard to remember we’re heading in to winter, there are some things in Williamsburg you can only do in the wintertime.

The Grand Illumination is right around the corner! On December 4, celebrate the season the old-fashioned way—with fireworks and raucous enthusiasm. This event will be held in Williamsburg’s historic area and is open to the public.

You could also go ice-skating with the kids at Liberty’s Ice Pavilion in Colonial Williamsburg, where you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of delightful local musical acts and the sights of holiday cheer. Complete the experience with a cup of Chowning’s hot cider or American Heritage hot chocolate.

Swing by Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, a quick eight-minute drive from King’s Creek. The twinkling lights, holiday shows, and festive foods will produce the kind of cheer that only this season is capable of.

First Night is a wonderful option for families looking for something fun to do together on New Year’s Eve. This year mark’s Williamsburg’s 24th First Night event, and it’ll be jam-packed with talented performing artists, the area’s best food vendors, and incredible fireworks! Learn more and buy your tickets here.

Wineries + Breweries

Williamsburg is home to some of the country’s most charming wineries, and because you won’t have to worry about bad weather, pick a stop on the Colonial Virginia Wine Trail and revel in the fruits of your favorite winery’s labor.

 If you’re more of a beer drinker, then Williamsburg has you more than covered. Check out the microbreweries that make up the Williamsburg Tasting Trail and bring friends and family to experience fun games, great food and tasty local ales.


Coming to the Historic Triangle and NOT shopping would be kind of a waste! Whether you’re in Yorktown, Jamestown or Williamsburg, you have your pick of stores, shops and boutiques that hold treasures you can’t find anywhere else. And for all you history buffs—it’s especially important that you pick up a memento from your trip to the Revolutionary City! All of the area’s museums have gift shops that offer items of interest for a youngster’s first-time visit or for anyone who knows American history.


It’s no secret that as temperatures go down, stress levels go up. After all, there’s a lot to worry about between November and January—finances, family matters, less vitamin D—it all takes a toll on your mood! That’s why you owe it to yourself to try one of the area’s delightfully relaxing spas. Snag a class of bubbly, put your feet up, and let Williamsburg’s spas cure what ails you.

Everything you could ever want in a family vacation is right here, surrounding King’s Creek Plantation. Experience the best in dining, shopping, entertainment and relaxing—and take a winter vacation that you and your crew will never forget.

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