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The Latest Feel-Good Roundup

We think it’s about time we share the latest feel-good roundup… It’s a new week, and we are popping in to say—it’s okay to feel overwhelmed right now. Everything we’re dealing with, from educating our kids to managing our careers to handling family crises, is way more than we’ve ever had to deal with before. It’s okay if you do not feel like you’re at your best. 

We love scouring the web for you to collect links to good news, interesting perspectives, ways to take positive action, or just things that are pretty and calming. Here is this week’s feel-good roundup. So stop, read, take a breath, and go back out there. You’ve got this, friends!

Small businesses get a $20 million boost.


Brave baby doesn’t cry while getting a shot. 


Cleveland Clinic reveals its top medical innovations for this year.


The 10 positive changes that came out of 2020.


Adopt a healthcare worker. It’s easy and amazing!


“Your brain is a body part that can get injured like any other, and it can also heal like any other.” Great interview with Olympic athlete Alexi Pappas.


Practicing bedtime meditation has been helping parents get their (worried, anxious, energetic) kids to sleep. Would you try this sweet, easy script with your little ones?


The environmental/sustainability awareness that has emerged due to the pandemic has led to an increased effort by companies to use sustainable packaging (this is a very good thing!).


New coalition of 50 countries commits to protecting 30% of the world’s land and oceans.


A cheerful Portland home filled with color and inner peace.


Humans are the only animals who can simply make things up—and they become real. Whoa.


Have you seen The Social Dilemma yet? Would you delete your social media accounts?


Since winter is here, and winter can be gloomy, we thought this text on keeping warm in early America was FASCINATING (not to mention it puts things into perspective!).


We hope you enjoy the latest feel-good roundup to boost your mood and help you clear your head. Hang in there, and we’ll do our best to keep bringing you things worth smiling about!

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