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Fun Links

We wanted to check in with you and ask this very important question: In a time where absolutely everything feels like a mess, what are some healthy ways you make yourself feel better? (Fun links always help us!)

If you haven’t noticed, we try to keep things positive around here, sharing things to look forward to, how to help your kids have fun indoors, where to find good news sources, and more. The internet can be a real bummer lately, so we try to dig through the mess and find stuff that will make you smile, and maybe eat up some time in the best possible way. 

We should all be concerned and mindful about our mental health. Some difficulties are unavoidable, but there are coping mechanisms we can all use to keep our heads on straight. If this list makes you feel better, or you have tips on how to beat anxiety, get yourself to laugh, or anything along these lines, please share! 

We hope you enjoy this week’s list of fun links from around the web!


Quarantine questions.

Loving these 16 parenting tips (GIVE US ALL THE TIPS).

The latest history post of one of our favorite history accounts. 

This fish sandwich looks amazing, and it’s apparently easy if you’re looking for a new dinner MVP!


How NOT to talk to moms right now. 

A $20 solution to the problem of hunching over at our laptops all day. 

The NYT’s Instagram cooking page is just killing it. Which recipe would you make?

Taste of Busch Gardens is ON! (With some changes, of course.)

Jamestown Settlement is an amazing place. Would you plan a visit to one of these events this fall?

This cooking tip is a total game changer!

The best history documentaries on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Which one will you watch tonight?

Keep looking for the things that make you laugh, make you want to reach out to a friend, or just help you get through the day!

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